Medicine in 1860s Victoria


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Web Sites

British Columbia Archives

Search the provincial archives.

The American Journal of Pharmacy, 1871 Vol. XLIII

A electronic text edition of the Journal for 1871, with articles on medicines.

From Quackery to Bacteriology: The Emergence of Modern Medicine in 19th Century America

An article on 19th century medicine from the University of Toledo Libraries.

Images from the History of Medicine

A United States government archive of historical medical images.

Historical Images in Medicine

Historical images related to medicine, from the Duke University Medical Center Library.

The Physiomedical Dispensatory

A standard herbal dispensatory by William Cook, MD, 1869.

A Guide To Health

"Being an Exposition of the Principles of the Thomsonian System of Practice, and Their Mode of Application in the Cure of Every Form of Disease; Embracing a Concise View of the Various Theories of Ancient and Modern Practice" by Benjamin Colby, 1846. Electronic text edition.

The Sexual System and Its Derangements

A medical manual by Dr. E. C. Abbey, 1882. Digitized facsimile edition.

Classic Herbal Texts: old books and journals

A large collection of electronic text editions of nineteenth century herbal books.

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine

Herbology and botanical medicine, includes a section on 19th century medicine with a library of digitized herb and pharmaceutical manuals.

Robert E. McKechnie II, MD, Strong Medicine: History of Healing on the Northwest Coast, J. J. Douglas Ltd, Vancouver, 1972
A. S. Munro, MD, The Medical History of British Columbia, The Canadian Medical Association Journal, 1931-1932
Dr. T. F. Rose, From Shaman to Modern Medicine: A Century of the Healing Arts in British Columbia, Victoria, 1972