Supreme Court


23 December 1869


Me-Shak Threat at the Assize held at Victoria on the 4 December 1869
for the Wilful murder of Archibald Campbell


I have the the honor to
enclose for the information of His
Excellence of the governor a copy of My
notes taken on the trial of the above
named Prisoner

It seemed to me at the
trial and I still think notwithstanding
the verdict of the jury that the evidence
as it stands does not remove the case
sufficiently beyond a doubt to justify the
sentence of death being carried out

Of the discretion rested
with me I should have commuted
the sentence to period sentence for
life and that course i beg to recommend
to his excellency consideration.

To the Hon.

I shale be happy to afford
any personal explanation in my proves
if wished

I have the honor to be
Your (unclear)

J. Needham (signature)