The British Colonist

Tuesday Morning, January 29, 1861

Court of Assizes

Monday Jan. 28th 1869

The Court was opened at 10 o'clock at which hour his Lordship, Chief Justice Cameron, too his seat.

The list of Grand Jurors was called, and the following gentlemen appointed to serve as a grand Jury for the term:

Grand Jury

Alex C. Anderson, Foreman, Thos J. Skinner, Jas N. Thain, Chas E.B. Leonard, Chas W. Wallace. John T. Pidwell, Fred' Pearkes, Jas. Langley. Fred'k W. Green, Wm. Selleck, Robt. Homfray, Wm. T. Meldrum, John Work, Wm. Walls, John Morrie, Robt. Geroge, David A. Edgar.

His Lordship briefly charged the jury, and stated that there was quite a heavy calendar for the term this of the Court the jury the retired to their room.

Petit Jurors

The Petit Jury was discharged from attendance till to-morrow (Tuesday) morning, at 10 o'clock.

True Bills

The Grand Jury returned with the true bills against Wm. Millington, for the murder of Robert Coombs, as Esquimalt.


The Court was then adjourned till tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10 o'clock, A.M. The first case to be tried will be that of Wm. Millington, indicted for the murder of Robert Coombs.