The Daily British Colonist and Victoria Chronicle

Friday Morning, April 10, 1868

The Body Found at Clover Point-- Mr Pemberton summoned a jury yesterday and proceeded to hold an inquest over the body found on the beach near Clover point on Wednesday. From the general appearance of the body, and the word 'KAIKAIK,' tatooed with Indian ink on the left arm, the remains are believed to those of a Kanaka. The face and heard are greatly decomposed and recognition is impossible, except by the tatooing and clothing. The body having been found near the spot where the remains of Wm Black were discovered has given rise to a suspicion that both men met their deaths at the same time. It is well known that Black was raving mad when last seen, and that on the night of his disappearance he chased two or three persons along Birdcage Walk. What supposition is more natural than that he subsequently proceeded to Clove Point, encountered and seized the Kanaka, and that both fell into the water and were drowned? The mystery will probably never be cleared up; but we cannot help thinking that the death of the one was intimately connected with that of the other.