The Daily British Colonist and Victoria Chronicle

saturday Morning, December 18, 1869

The Beechy Bay murder-- Mr Edward Vine and officer McMillian returned from Beechy Bay and Bentinck Island last night, bringing with them damning proof of his Me-Shak, the young Indian now under sentence of death for killing Archibald Campbell. It well be remembered that Me-Shak, in his confession, said that he shot Campbell in selfdefence with his [Campbell's]own gun, and that he threw the gun into the bay. Messrs Vine and McMillian have found the gun, together with a watch, a handkerchief, shot ponch, powerflask, five white shirts, a pair of pants and a pair of blankets, all of which were stolen from Campbell. The articles were discovered secreted beneath the roots of a tree at the South end of Bentinck Island. Me-Shak, we hear now confesses that he murder poor Campbell for the purpose of plunder, and that his first confession was false. the murder appears to have been well planned and to have been one of the most cold-blooded assassination ever perpetrated. Me-Shak will not escape the severest penalty in the power of the law to inflict, although his chances at one time were good.