left quotation marksWhat I like about WITS is it teaches them to apply any strategy to a problem and not just let the problem go on as if that’s how they’re meant to be treated in life.right quotation marks

Dorian Brown, Parent

Using WITS with
Your Child

Although the WITS Programs start at school, parents have an important role to play. Talking about WITS at home teaches children to apply these strategies beyond the school walls.

Check out the new Using WITS with Your Child section to learn more about peer conflict, how to start conversations with your child about peer victimization and how to support the WITS Programs at home and at your child's school.

The WITS Program: Helping Families Deal with Bullying

The WITS Programs bring together schools, families and communities to create responsive environments that help elementary school children deal with bullying and peer victimization. WITS has two parts:

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WITS Primary Program
Kindergarten to Grade 3


Grades 4 to 6