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Penfield Elementary Hip Hop music video created with kids showcasing WITS

Hip hop music video showcasing WITS, created with kids at Sarah McLachlan School of Music (SoM) in Vancouver.

Music Video

Keisja Cox You've Got WITS

Keisja Cox is a talented singer and songwriter with a passion for writing songs with a cause. She wrote "You've Got WITS" after using her WITS to deal with a bullying situation. Her principal encouraged Keisja to write a song about her experience, and soon after, Keisja performed her original WITS song at a school-wide assembly.

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Penfield Elementary Pennfield Elementary WITS Song

"Just keep your WITS and be a PAL, and we will all be STARS!" That's the message in this song from students at Pennfield Elementary! The video includes lyrics so you can sing along.

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Arden Elementary Arden Elementary WITS Song

For the kids at Arden Elementary, WITS has really made a difference. Music teacher Lucy Slater has developed a song to the tune of Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" to help remind her students to use their WITS.

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Arden Elementary Stop! Don't Bully!

"Stop! Don't Bully!" is a fun WITS song written by Arden Elementary music teacher Mr. Clarke and his students, which they performed for their 2013 anti-bullying day in Courtenay, BC.


Paul Hann Paul Hann and Colwood School WITS Song

Juno-nomiated children's entertainer Paul Hann teams up with the Colwood School WITS Choir to perform the WITS Song. For a fun activity perfect for children in the WITS Primary Program (K-3), download the lyrics to the WITS Song and teach it to students.


Music Notes We've Got WITS and We Know It

The innovative students at Bishop MacDonell School know how to groove and they created this song to encourage their friends to use their WITS. We dare you to try and keep still while listening to this energetic tune.


Mutchmor PS Mutchmor Public School WITS Song

The students at Mutchmor Public School are amazingly creative when it comes to making WITS part of their school life. It's on the front cover of their agendas, they've designed their own unique WITS Special Constable Badges and now they've even written a song about WITS!


Guitar Player You Gotta Keep (Your WITS About You)

Stuart Murray and Craig Cassils team up to create this perfect song to remember your WITS. Complete with lyrics sheet!


You Have The Power You Have The Power

Students from Mrs. Tinker’s grade four/five class at Champlain Elementary School created a song to inspire change in the world by helping one person at a time. Includes song lyrics and video.

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