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Positions Available


Graduate Students

The basic requirements for any student who wants to join us is motivation, enthusiasm towards research, and a strong academic background. Although previous research experience would be an welcome asset, it is not essential.

We currently have openings for students interested in obtaining an M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree in analytical or physical chemistry. Our research program is multidisciplinary and involves several areas, such as nanofabrication, photonics, surface spectroscopy, electrochemistry, photovoltaics, biosensors and cell imaging. Therefore, students with undergraduate or graduate experience in other fields such as physics, biochemistry, and engineering are also welcome to send us an inquire. 

Details regarding eligibility for graduate students and how to apply can be found at the university's Graduate Admissions Office.

Interested candidates should contact Professor Brolo directly by e-mail ( or request a standard application package from the Chemistry Department by emailing (in this case, please, make sure to mention your interest in joining my group).

Undergraduate Students

Dr. Brolo's group is accepting fourth year honours students as well as undergraduate co-op students holding an NSERC undergraduate scholarship or equivalent.  Interested candidates should contact Professor Brolo by e-mail (

UVic undergraduate students interested in CHEM 298, 398, 498 and 499 projects are also welcome to contact Dr. Brolo and learn more about the Brolo group research efforts.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Brolo's group is also accepting postdoctoral fellows who hold their own financial support (NSERC PDF fellowships, for instance).

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