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Dawson Sensei demonstrating iriminage via an indirect opening

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that focuses on neutralizing rather than 'winning' conflict. It evolved in the traditions of the samurai arts and focuses on perfecting the spirit. In the process, students learn tactics of self-defence. We are affiliated with the broader Victoria Aikikai community.


Classes are run September to June. Contact us if you want to practice in the July or August. Monday, Wednesday 6-8 PM. Fridays, TBA.

Please sign up for the course. Look for us at http://vikesrec.ca under "Recreation Classes/Martial Arts".
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University of Victoria, in the MacKinnon Gym (Dance Studio)


Joining the Club

All aikidosa are asked to sign up for the UVic Rec Aikido course. The course and club practice concurrently on Mon and Wed so beginners have the chance to train with more advanced students. Ranked students from other dojos should join the club with permission of the instructors. See here for more information about your first class. If you are not a member of the UVic community you can still practice with us, but need to register in person at UVic Rec.


Hilary Dawson (godan), Perry Plewes (sandan)


Seminars, club retreats, and social events.

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Kawahara Shihan demonstrating koshinage
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