Alan Mehlenbacher, PhD (Victoria)

Department of Economics, University of Victoria
Mail: PO Box 1700  STN CSC, Victoria BC, CANADA   V8W 2Y2
Office: BEC 392; E-Mail:

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* Technical Reports Cited in Academic Publications

  • Mehlenbacher, A., 2007. Multiagent system platform for auction experiments. University of Victoria, Economics Department Discussion Paper, DDP0706.
  • Mehlenbacher, A., 2007. Multiagent system simulations of sealed-bid auctions with two-dimensional value signals.University of Victoria, Economics Department Discussion Paper, DDP0707.
  • Mehlenbacher, L.A., 1980. An optimization model for aggregate haul economics. Alberta Transportation, Government of Alberta.
  • Mehlenbacher, A., 1979. Ridge regression. Department of Animal Science, University of Alberta.
  • Mehlenbacher, A., 1978. Program for least squares analysis of variance and covariance with unequal subclass numbers. Department of Animal Science, University of Alberta.
  • Whitfield, D.W.A., J.M. Mayo, J.E. Harter, S. Nelson, and A. Mehlenbacher, 1977. Tree geometry and optical properties of leaves. In: Long term prediction of vegetation performance on mined sands. In: Report of the Alberta Oil Sands Environmental research Project, Government of Alberta.

* Economics and Management Consulting

Dr. Mehlenbacher's current consulting practice includes computational economic models, business valuations, cost-benefit analyses, and econometric analyses. For more information see Alan Mehlenbacher Associates Ltd. Alan Mehlenbacher Associates, Alan Mehlenbacher Associates Ltd., Mehlenbacher, Alan Mehlenbacher, victoria bc, economics consulting victoria bc, consulting economist, economics consulting, management consulting, economist victoria bc, economics, multiagent systems, auctions, computational economics, antitrust economics, competition economics, econometrics, econometric analysis

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