Alan Mehlenbacher, MSc, MBA, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sessional Lecturer

Department of Economics, University of Victoria
Mail: PO Box 1700  STN CSC, Victoria BC, CANADA   V8W 2Y2
Office: BEC 392; E-Mail:

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* Current Interests

* Current Teaching in Economics

* Previous Teaching in Economics, Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Information Technology

  • Economics: Computational Economics (Econ 457), Environmental Economics (Econ 381), Competition Policy (Econ 310B), Statistical Inference (Econ 246), Intermediate Macroeconomics (Econ 204)
  • Computer Science: Agent Systems (Csc 485/585), The Practice of Computing Science (Csc 212)
  • Software Engineering: Network-Centric Computing (Seng 450/550)
  • Information Technology: Strategic Information Management, Data Modelling, Database Concepts
  • Maple Files for Computational Economics, by Kendrick, Mercado, Amman

* Refereed Economics Publications

* Refereed Science Publications

  • Whitfield, D. W. A., L. A. Mehlenbacher, and C. Labine, 1982. Solar radiation attenuation in a hillside jack pine forest. Canadian Journal of Botany. 60: 1913-1922.
  • Mehlenbacher, L. A. and D.W.A. Whitfield, 1977. Modelling thermal eddy diffusivity at canopy height. Boundary-Layer Meteorology. 12: 153-170.
  • Mehlenbacher, L. 1971. Devonian plants from the Yahatinda formation near Ghost River Alberta. American Journal of Botany. 58: 470.
  • Spellenberg, R. W. and L. Mehlenbacher, 1971. Anatomical and cytological studies of an intergeneric hybrid. Canadian Journal of Botany. 49: 1565-1574.
  • Mehlenbacher, L., 1970. Floret development, embryology, and systematic position of Oryzopsis hendersonii. Canadian Journal of Botany. 48: 1741-1758.
  • Maze, J., L. Bohm, and L. Mehlenbacher, 1970. Embryo sac and early ovule development in Oryzopsis milacea and Stipa tortilis. Canadian Journal of Botany. 48: 27-41.

* Economics and Management Consulting

Dr. Mehlenbacher has a PhD in Economics from the University of Victoria and an MBA from Simon Fraser University. He has also earned an MSc from the University of British Columbia, a BS from the University of Michigan, and a CMC designation from the Institute of Certified Management Consultants. Dr. Mehlenbacher was previously a partner in Stellar Systems Group Inc., President of Stellar Financial Management Group Ltd., and an IT Director with the BC Systems Corporation and the BC Ferry Corporation. He has provided economics and management consulting services to private and public sector clients in British Columbia, Alberta, and Alaska, and has been an associate consultant with Vancouver management consulting firms SRI Strategic Resources Inc. and The Signal Group. He currently supports the Fair Mining Collaborative as an economist and member of the Board of Directors. Alan Mehlenbacher Associates, Alan Mehlenbacher Associates Ltd., Mehlenbacher, Alan Mehlenbacher, victoria bc, economics consulting victoria bc, consulting economist, economics consulting, management consulting,economist victoria bc, economics, multiagent systems, auctions, computational economics, mathematical economics, competition economics, hypergames, membrane systems, p systems, mathematical economics, manifold, optimization

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