A seminar presentation is an opportunity for you to delve into a specific aspect of the week’s assigned reading, and then lead others through the material in a meaningful way. Depending on student numbers, you will be required to give one or two separate presentations of about 40 minutes each, including discussion (which should be ample, meaning at least half the time students should be engaged in conversation and collective discovery). The aim is to a) introduce scientific ideas and backgrounds to the literature we are studying; b) present literary passages and interpretive problems for debate; c) review scholarly opinions and facilitate seminar discussion. How you satisfy these requirements is up to you, but do not script every word. Think of this is a dialogue among peers – where your professor is one among other interlocutors. I do advise circulating a concise handout. A good presentation is responsive to audience and poses questions. Afterwards please submit a copy of your presentation notes, and a one-paragraph self-assessment (describing how you think the seminar unfolded).

Presentation Schedule:

Week 3 Chaucer, House of Fame: Brooke
Week 4 Equatorie of the Planetis: Luke
Week 5 Verses upon the Elixir and associated alchemica: Heidi
Week 8 First half of The Book of John Mandeville: Natalie
Week 9 Itinerary Map of Matthew Paris: Reuben
Week 10 Grassus, The Wonderful Art of the Eye: Catriona
Week 11 Herbals and/or humours: Hector