Part of the first seminar will be spent going through the syllabus, signing up for the blog, and introducing ourselves. But we should also delve into historical methods and materials. In order to start conceptualizing the possibilities, I would like you to have read the following excerpts before we meet:

  1. Chaucer, The Squire’s Tale, from The Canterbury Tales
  2. Excerpts from the Cambridge History of Science, vol. 2, available as an e-book through library (If the link does not work for any reason, log in and search for the volume and find the electronic version that way):
    1. “Schools and Universities in Medieval Latin Science,” pp. 228-35
    2. “The Organization of Knowledge: Disciplines and Practices,” pp. 240-55.
    3. “Translation and Transmission of Greek and Islamic Sciences in Latin Christendom,” pp. 341-49 & 363-64.
  3. Ingold, Being Alive: Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description, pp. 63-88, on library reserve and evidently available online
  4. Scroll through Medieval Trees of Knowledge (and related schemata) associated with Evans, “The Geometry of the Mind,” Architectural Association Quarterly 12.4 (1980): 32–55.
  5. Look over Prescod-Weinstein’s “Decolonising Science Reading List

And something that will concern us in our so-called post-truth era is limned here:

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