Let’s begin with bio-social processes and living potential. How do creatures develop? What explains deviation? What counts as human? 

  1. Gower, Prologue to the Confessio Amantis
  2. Sir Gowther (online and available in translation)
  3. Brunetto Latini, The Book of the Treasure (sections 13, 99, 100, 101)
  4. Bartholomaeus Anglicus, On the Properties of Things (trans. J. Trevisa). Read Book VI, on the estate of man (pp. 291-300)
  5. Nicole Oresme and the Marvels of Nature (on monstrous births, pp. 233-53)
  6. Hippocratic Writings, ed. Lloyd
    1. The Seed, pp. 317-23.
    2. The Nature of the Child, pp. 324-46.
  7. Browse The Trotula: An English Translation of the Medieval Compendium of Women’s Medicine, ed. and trans. Monica Green.

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English gynaecological handbook in BL, Sloane MS 249, fol. 197r

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