Week 6: Thing-Power and Play

This week’s possible topics include toys, puppets, miniatures, automata, childhood, and family relations, among other things.  We will consider literary examples and material artefacts too, presenting a variety of “object lessons.” 

1. Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, Fragment VII, selections:

  • Prioress’s Prologue and Tale
  • Sir Thopas
  • Tale of Melibee
  • Nun’s Priest’s Tale

2. Gower, Confessio Amantis, selections:

  • Introduction of Amans, Book 1, 1-332
  • Canacee and Machaire, Book 3.143ff.
  • Tale of Iphis, Book 4, 451ff.

3. Bennett, Vibrant Matter, chapter 4.

4. Ingold, “Materials against Materiality” in Being  Alive.

5. Orme, “Child’s Play in Medieval England,” History Today 51.10 (2001)

6. Blog post on some Little Things


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