Students will each compose one open-topic blog post plus a second post devoted to a “Scientific Finding.” You must sign up for both in advance. You are also expected to interact with others’ posts on a weekly basis. The quantity and quality of all your online activity will be factored into the final grade.

The aim of collective blogging is to make a record of our ongoing conversation. When it is your time to post, feel free to reflect on any specific aspect of the assigned readings, tying your thoughts as closely as possible to the textual, visual, or material evidence. Present an observation or provocation that will encourage others to enter into dialogue with you. You may choose more or less personal, informal, speculative, or creative forms of expression, and incorporate mixed media – there are few restrictions on the presentation of relevant content – but your post should show evidence of serious critical engagement. A successful post will be lucid, precise, and yet suggestive.

Individual blog posts are due by noon on Wednesdays, and each should run ~300 words. Everyone is encouraged to post replies (i.e., comments) in the hours leading up to the seminar or within a few days afterwards. Posts will be used as discussion-starters, which means you should review them before we meet.

Please TAG your post with relevant keywords (e.g., name of text and, where relevant, author of items discussed in that post; note also any key concepts or characters), so that we can make good use of the archive we build up over the term.

Select the category “Student Post” under Categories, which will make it easier for me to aggregate data later and find particular items as needed.

Further information about the logistics can be found at Blogging Info.

Blogging Schedule:

Week 2: Luke
Week 3: Natalie
Week 4: Reuben
Week 5: Heidi
Week 8: Hector
Week 10: Brooke
Week 11: Catriona