Brendan Burke

Associate Professor and Chair; first appointment 2003.

B.A. University of Florida (Classics and Art History); M.A and Ph.D. (Archaeology) UCLA 1998.

Office: Clearihue B413

Phone: (250) 721-8522

Email: Brendan Burke



Bronze Age Aegean iconography; Boeotia; Iron Age Anatolia – Phrygian Gordion; Archaic/Classical Greece; prehistoric cloth production

Archaeological Projects:

Greece: Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project, co-director;

Fieldwork experience: Dorati survey; Methana excavations; Corinth; Palace of Nestor at Pylos; Towers of Leukas survey; Morea survey
Turkey: Excavations in Southeastern sector, Gordion; Dumrek survey; Kharamanmarash survey
Ireland: Mainistir Chiarain, Inishmore

Selected Publications:

From Minos to Midas: The Organization of Cloth Production in the Eastern Mediterranean (Oxbow Books, Ancient Textiles Series Vol. 7) 2010;

“Textile Production in the Aegean Bronze Age,” The Oxford Handbook of the Bronze Age Aegean (ca. 3000–1000 BCE), edited by E. Cline (Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford 2010) 430-441;

“Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project 2009 Report,” T E I R E S I A S: A Review and Bibliography of Boiotian Studies, Volume 39 (Part 2), 2009, 11-13;

“Gordion, 2006,” with G. Kenneth Sams. In Kazı Sonuçları Toplantısı. 2 Cilt 29 (2008) 329-42;

“Mycenaean Memory and Bronze Age Lament,” Lament: Studies in the Ancient Mediterranean World and Beyond, edited by A. Suter (Oxford University Press USA, 2007) pp. 70-92;

“Gordion of Midas and the Homeric Age,” EPOS: Reconsidering Greek Epic and Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology, edited by R. Laffineur and S. Morris. Aegaeum 27 (2007), pp. 151-158;

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“Materialization of Mycenaean Ideology and the Ayia Triada Sarcophagus,” American Journal of Archaeology 109 (2005) pp. 403-422;

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“Textile Production at Gordion and the Phrygian Economy,” The Archaeology of Midas and the Phrygians: Recent Work at Gordion, edited by L. Kealhofer, (University of Pennsylvania Museum, Philadelphia, 2005) pp. 69-81;

“Anatolian Origins of the Gordian Knot Legend,” Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 42 (2001) pp. 255-261;

Professional Service and Awards:

Insight Grant, Social Sciences andHumanities Research Council of Canada (2012-2017)

American School of Classical Studies at Athens Managing Committee member;

Canadian Institute in Greece - Member of the Board of Directors (2005-present);

Research Associate University of Pennsylvania Museum (2003-2010)

Archaeological Institute of America member;

Bryn Mawr Classical Review Associate Editor for Archaeology;

American Journal of Archaeology External Reviewer;

Harvard University Loeb Classical Library Foundation Grant;

Mellon Bank 1984 Foundation Research Grants;

University Museum, University of Pennsylvania Research Grant;

Ahmanson Foundation Research Fellow;

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellow for Mycenaean Studies.