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Douglas Baer
Department of Sociology, UVic

Office: Rm. A365 Cornett Building Phone: (250) 721-7581 (cell: 250-418-5420)

Quick Links:

  • UVic Statistics Canada Branch Research Data Centre information.
  • Selected Conference Papers:

    Public Opinion, voitng and the Politics of Inequality in English Canada, 2004-2011 Canadian Sociological Association Paper. June 2016

    Universities as Fettered Quasi-Democracies: interrotating the Limitations of University Governance Structures Canadian Sociological Association paper, June 2016.

    Social Class, Religion and the Left-Right Political Party Divide in Canada and the United States: Survey Comparisons across 15 years Paper delivered to the World Congress of Sociology, Political Sociology Section, Goteberg Sweden, July 16, 2010.
    Economic Status, Community Growth and Voluntary Association Involvement : Canadian Findings ARNOVA 2007 Conference Paper, with tables.

    Link to revised version of 2007 CSA Paper, "Community Context and Civic Participation in Immigrant Communities" first published in this form as Metropolis B.C. Working Paper #08-03 (Jan. 2008).

    Areas of Research Interest:

    Social Inequality
    Political Sociology
    Social Class
    Citizenship & Civil Society
    Voluntary Associations
    Immigration (civic engagement, social inequality)
    Quantitative Methods

    I have also worked with graduate students, on thesis committees or as co-supervisor, in a variety of areas involving quantitative research. These include health (mostly health and inequality), demography, and criminology.

    Some Publications:

    1. Baer, D. 2016 "Survey Research in English-Canadian Political Sociology: the End of an Era?" Canadian Review of Sociology 53(3), 340-345.

    2. Baer, D. . Baer, D., L. Prouteau, D. Swindell, D. Smith, K Tai. 2016 “Conducive Macro-Contexts Influencing Volunteering”, chapter 26, pp. 580-606 in D. Smith, R. Stebbins, J. Grotz (eds.) The Palgrave Handbook of Volunteering, Civic Participation and Nonprofit Associations. New York: Palgrave McMillan.

    3. Baer, D. 2007. "Voluntary Association and New Social Movement Association Involvement in Comparative Perspective" in Lars Tragardh (ed.) The State and Civil Society in Northern Europe: The Swedish Model Reconsidered. New York: Berghahn Books.

    4. Baer, D. (ed.) Political Sociology. Don Mills: Oxford Univ. Press, 2002.

    5. Curtis, J., D. Baer and E. Grabb, "Nations Of Joiners: Explaining Voluntary Association Membership In Democratic Societies," American Sociological Review, 66(6), 2001, 783-805.
    Additional Tables from ASR article available online

    Other Information

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