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Welcome to the homepage for the Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project, jointly sponsored by the Ephorate of the Antiquities of Boeotia (Thebes) and the Canadian Institute of Greece. We are currently excavating the ancient site of Eleon in the village of Arma in central Greece. The excavation is directed by Alexandra Charami (Ephorate of Antiquities of Boeotia), Brendan Burke (University of Victoria) and Bryan Burns (Wellesley College). The site of Eleon in eastern Boeotia has evidence from the Mycenaean Age, the Archaic-Classical periods, and Medieval times - fascinating periods of Greece's past.

Since 2007 our project has run a field school training program for student archaeologists. Field school participants can get transferrable University of Victoria credit (GRS 495, 3.0 units) for six weeks of fieldwork if they wish to enroll. Alternatively, we also accept non-credit students and volunteers into our program. For both volunteers and students we require a program fee. Admission is by application, available at the left or by clicking here.

Our project is grateful for the continued financial support from our home departments, the Institute for Aegean Prehistory, the Loeb Classical Library, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. We gladly accept donations from those interested in supporting our research.