In order to reduce traffic congestion, carbon emissions and driving related stress we need to rethink how we interact with our vehicles. As good as we may be at driving and negotiating tricky traffic situations, our reaction time and general fatigue can leave us vulnerable to violations and accidents.


Car-Link is an after-market module that is currently in the development stage; it promises an unprecedented level of automation for tedious stop and go traffic that so many of us find ourselves a part of day after day.


Imagine a system where you could simply set the speed limit in your car and have the system take care of the rest. With Car-Link installed in your vehicle, braking and acceleration would become part of an autonomous process, while your sole duty would be reduced steering.


By removing manually controlled braking and acceleration from the equation, you would be able to follow cars ahead of you at an optimal distance. This would provide you with enough distance to brake in an emergency, yet not enough distance to cause delays in the flow of traffic.


Preliminary modeling indicates that the more cars on the road that used the Car-Link system, the more efficient our roadways would be, resulting reductions in traffic congestion.


* The Car-Link product and website has been developed as part of the ELEC 499 final design project at the University of Victoria.

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