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Brian Thom, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                               

299 Dogwood Dr., Ladysmith, BC, V9G 1T3 • (250) 245-0355 • •



PhD, Anthropology                                                                          McGill University (2005)

Coast Salish Senses of Place: Dwelling, Meaning, Power, Property and Territory in the Coast Salish World. Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Anthropology 473 pps.


MA, Anthropology                                                    University of British Columbia (1995)

The Dead and the Living: Burial Mounds and Cairns and the Development of Social Classes in the Gulf of Georgia Region. MA Thesis, Department of Anthropology and Sociology. 88 pps.


BA (honours), Anthropology                                    University of British Columbia (1992)

Archaeological Investigations at the Whalen Farm Site (DfRs 3), 1949-1950. Re-contextualizing Borden's Whalen Farm. BA Honours Thesis, Department of Anthropology and Sociology. 132 pps.




English (native speaker)

French (good reading, fair spoken/written)

Halkomelem (elementary conversational, key semantic domains, phonetic transcription)



Research Interests


My current research focus is on the political, social and cultural processes that have surrounded Coast Salish people’s efforts to resolve aboriginal title and rights claims and establish self-government. I am interested in the interplay of culture, power and discourse in land claims negotiations, and in exploring the political and ontological challenges for indigenous people who engage institutions of the state. I believe that these have important practical policy implications for governance, co-management and reconciliation of state and indigenous societies. My work has been and continues to be very keenly attenuated to developing practical policy outcomes from the insights gained from this research. I am also interested in developing critical understandings of indigenous customary legal systems relating to non-feudal modes of property in land, and customary law with respect to intangible property, and developing linkages between contemporary food security, power and indigenous food systems. Longer-term research goals include developing a comparative framework for understanding local attachments to nature and place as embedded in contemporary folk practices (oral narrative and material culture), and the multiple powers local place has for long-standing communities. My research is community-driven and politically engaged in matters of contemporary social significance.



aboriginal rights, title and governance

intellectual property and indigenous peoples

customary legal systems

landscape, nature, and studies of place

oral narrative and life history

Northwest Coast

Coast Salish people

applying anthropology to public policy


Recent Research and Professional Experience


Negotiator / Senior Negotiations Support                                    Full-Time (Jan 02 - Present)

Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group                                                                                Ladysmith, BC


•       Negotiator and senior advisor for a group representing 7000 Coast Salish people from southeast Vancouver Island in comprehensive claims negotiations with Canada and BC.

•       Lead negotiator on treaty chapters for land selection, park co-management (federal and provincial), land use planning and local government relations.

•       Senior advisor in negotiations on land, governance, resource management and fiscal relations, working collaboratively with legal team and consultants to research First Nation views and interests and express those in tripartite negotiations.

•       Senior advisor to HTG legal team in Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group v. Canada, petition and precautionary measures request to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Washginton, DC (2008-2009)

•       Senior advisor to First Nations Spokespersons for 2008 "Common Table” negotiations on Constitutional Status of Lands, Recognition and Certainty, Governance and Concurrent Law Making, Shared Decision Making

•       Senior advisor and project director for multi-year (2003-2008) First Nations policy development project on co-management and shared-decision making in treaty negotiations.

•       Lead negotiator for pre-treaty arrangements, including Islands Trust Protocol Agreement on Land Use Planning and MoU with Provincial Archaeology Branch.

•       Architect and co-chair of cooperative management committee between Hul’qumi’num member First Nations and Parks Canada for the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

•       Responsible for negotiating collaborative relationships with academic institutions, co-developing jointly beneficial research goals and providing for informed consent and the protection of intellectual property in customary intangible heritage.

•       Principle investigator for community-based research on territorial boundaries, traditional land use and occupancy, place names mapping, community land use planning, evaluating social, cultural and economic significance of lands for potential selection, and development of self-government structure and institutions.

•       Implement media and publication strategy to widen public understanding of key issues, including being general editor of HTG publication series and regular author to HTG quarterly publication Treaty Talk.
 (publication series)
 (Treaty Talk quarterly periodical)

•       Senior manager, responsible for preparing and implementing workplans for a $250,000 annual budget, reporting monthly to HTG chiefs, drafting annual report, advising and developing draft budgets, and supervising up to 15 direct employees and several teams of professional consultants.


Anthropological Research Consultant                                          Contract (Jan 04 - Present)

Brian Thom Anthropological Research Consulting                                               Ladysmith, BC


•       (2008-9) Contracted by Turning Point Initiative to provide a methodology for collecting and analysing First Nations traditional food needs to guide marine use planning on north and central coasts of British Columbia, including methodology and analysis for focus groups and key informant interviews regarding food needs for traditional feasting and trade and inter-community trade and barter.

•       (2006) Contracted by Department of Canadian Heritage, Copyright Policy Branch, to provide a detailed case study of using contracts and inter-institutional memoranda of understanding to protect copyright and intellectual property interests of First Nations people in collaborative research relationships.

•       (2005) Contracted by Parks Canada to provide analysis and recommendations on First Nations concerns and perspectives on consultations over Gulf Islands National Park Reserve 2005 Interim Management Guidelines.

•       (2003-4) Contracted by Industry Canada to provide detailed research and policy advise on Aboriginal Intangible Property. Invited speaker to World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) North American fact finding workshop, Ottawa 2003. Research report on customary intangible property laws and protocols published by Industry Canada at:



Teaching Experience


ADJUNCT ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         (JANUARY 2008-Present)

University of Victoria, Department of Anthropology                                                Victoria, BC


Sessional Lecturer                                                                            Part-Time (1999-Present)

•       First Nations Studies 380 - Treaty Negotiations and Land Claims, Vancouver Island University (Winter 2010)

•       Anthropology 393 - Land Claims and Treaty Negotiations, University of Victoria (Fall 09)

•       Anthropology 393/391 - Coast Salish Culture & Contemporary Political Life, University of Victoria (Winter 07, Winter 08)

•       Anthropology 318 - Intro to Ethnographic Methods, U Victoria (Fall 2007, Winter 09)

•       McGill School of Environment 203 - Knowledge, Ethics and Environment, McGill University (Fall 99)

•       Anthropology 338 - Native Peoples of North America, McGill University (Winter 99)


Graduate Supervision                                                                             January 2008-Present

University of Victoria, Department of Anthropology                                                Victoria, BC

•       Co-supervisor (with Dr. Q. Mackie) for MA Thesis by A. Sanders, Socio-cultural Resiliency and Landscape Learning: A Case Study in Haida Gwaii.

•       Committee member for Ph.D. program, E. McLay, Anthropology.


External Thesis Examiner                                                                                       August 2006

University of Victoria, Department of Anthropology                                                Victoria, BC

•       External Examiner for MA Thesis by D. Mathews, Burial Cairn Taxonomy and the Mortuary Landscape of Rocky Point, British Columbia.


Teaching Assistant                                                                                  Part-Time (1995-1999)

•       McGill School of Environment 203 - Knowledge, Ethics and Environment, McGill

          (Fall 98 & Winter 99)

•       Anthropology 103 - Intro. to Anthropological Archaeology, UBC (Fall 94 & Winter 95)

•       Anthropology 305 - Archaeological Field School, UBC (Summer 95)


Past Research and Professional Experience


Treaty Researcher                                                                           Full-Time (Sep 00 - Dec 01)

Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group                                                                                Ladysmith, BC


•       Provided strategic and technical advice for developing negotiation positions.

•       Conducted community-based research through interviews and focus groups to establish the boundaries of territorial claims to the BC Treaty Commission

•       Responded to land and resource development referrals from Provincial Government.

•       Principle Investigator for a major Traditional Use Study, including the training of community researchers, documentation of research results and development of GIS system

•       Conducted Aboriginal title research, investigating customary law & legal positions.


Traditional Use Study Coordinator                                               Full-Time (Dec 95 - Aug 97)

Stó:lō Nation                                                                                                          Chilliwack, BC


•       Conducted baseline research providing information for the Stó:lō to use in preparation for Treaty Negotiations, resource management, land use planning and education.

•       Responsible for acquiring funds and administering $350,000 project budget.

•       Responsible for negotiating Information Sharing Agreement with Province of BC

•       Supervised and provided interview mapping and research training for a staff of 4 Stó:lō interviewers, 2 transcribers and a Geographic Information System assistant.

•       Conducted interviews and mapping in the Stó:lō community and completed extensive document review of sources relating to Stó:lō traditional use and occupancy.

•       Designed and implemented a networked, relational database system for storage and analysis of interview and map data.

•       Organized 3-day Traditional Use Study Workshop for First Nations organizations considering the methodological and political implications of conducting a T.U.S.


Anthropologist                                                                               Full-Time (Oct 94 - Dec 95)

Stó:lō Nation                                                                                                          Chilliwack, BC


•       Actively participated and contributed to the formation of Stó:lō Nation self-government.

•       Documented Halq’eméylem place names and stories about important places.

•       Principle author for Stó:lō high school curriculum materials, including author of:

                   - Stó:lō Traditional Culture: A short ethnography

                   - Stó:lō Cultural Identity and Canadian Multiculturalism

                   - Stó:lō Artistic Traditions

                   - The Family in Contemporary and Traditional Stó:lō Society

                   - Stó:lō Traditional Food Preservation and Preparation

                   - Stó:lō Sports and Games

                   - Stó:lō Culture: Changing Relationships to the Land and Environment

                   - Changing Land Use in S’ólh Témexw: Population, Ecology and Heritage

•       Principle author for Ethnohistoric research projects:

- Xwelítem - Hungry People: The Euroamerican in Stó:lō History & Oral Narrative

                   - Ethnographic Overview of Stó:lō Use of the HBC Brigade Trail Area, Hope, BC


Research Assistant                                                                                                       Part-Time


•       Edited and translated Halq’eméylem text into English for school story book project, for Dr. Strang Burton, UBC Department of Linguistics, (May 98 - Aug 98)

•       Prepared maps for publications, set up and administered LAN, and general office duties, for Centre for Society, Technology and Development, McGill U. (Jan 98 - Apr 98)

•       Catalogued and classified artifacts & faunal remains from Crescent Beach and Whalen Farm sites, for Dr. RG Matson, UBC Anthropology & Sociology (Sep 90 - Apr 92)


Cartographer                                                                                Contract Work (1992-2002)


•       Produced high-quality, camera-ready maps & graphics for publication and legal testimony

                   - Traditional Territories of Coast Salish Nations (Bruce Miller, UBC)

                   - GVRD Transportation Systems (Kevin Washbrook, Planning Dept, SFU)

                   - China, Centre for Society Technology and Development (Laurel Bossen, McGill)

                   - Costa Rica, Centre for Society Technology & Development (Deborah Sick, McGill)

                   - Nanaimo First Nations Traditional Territory (Loraine Littlefield, UBC)

                   - Maps and Excavation Profiles, Thunder River Site (David Pokotylo, UBC)

                   - Lower Fraser River Wet Sites (Katherine Bernick, UBC Museum of Anthropology)

                   - Upper Skagit Shellfish Use (Bruce Miller, UBC/Upper Skagit Tribal Council)


Archaeological Field Supervisor                                                                      Contract Work


•       Supervised crews and conducted archaeological excavation at:

                   - Dionisio Point Site, BC (Director C. Grier, Arizona Statue University)    (Jul 97)

                   - Somenos Creek Site, BC (Director D. Brown, University of BC)              (Sep 95)

                   - Spirit Camp Site, BC (Director G. Mohs, Stó:lō Nation)                            (Jul 95)

                   - Scowlitz Site, BC (Directors M. Blake, R. Matson, UBC)     (Summer 92, 93, 94)


Archaeological Field Assistant                                                                         Contract Work


•       Participated as field assistant in archaeological excavations at:

                   - Nookachamps Rock Site, Washington (Director B. Miller, UBC)             (Sep 93)

                   - Scowlitz Site, BC (Director M. Blake, UBC)                                            (Oct 92)

                   - Katsura-no-sawa & Ikanai, Japan (Coodinator T. Kobayashi)         (Jul - Aug 92)

                   - Crescent Beach Site, BC (Director R. Matson, UBC)                      (Jul - Aug 90)


Museum Assistant                                                        Part-Time/Full-Time (Sep 89 - Sep 94)

UBC Museum of Anthropology                                                                             Vancouver, BC

•       Museum Hall Special Events Supervisor; Receptionist, Admissions Attendant, Gift Shop Attendant, Tour Guide, 1991Annual Report Editor.



Grants (under application)


SSHRC Aboriginal Pilot Program ($243,000)                                            (Sep 09 - submitted)

Principle Investigator, "Shared Territories and Overlapping Claims in the Coast Salish World.” Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group, in collaboration with the Department of Anthropology, University of Victoria, supported by the Office of Community Based Research.


SSHRC Public Outreach Grants                                                                (Nov 09 - submitted)

Collaborator, "Conservation and Collaboration with Aboriginal Peoples: Best Practices and Lessons Learned” Dr. Robin Roth (Geography, York U), Principle Investigator.


SSHRC Aboriginal Pilot Program ($250,000)                                            (Sep 09 - submitted)

Partner,"Bringing the Food Back Home: Applications of archaeological and contemporary food production technologies for the renewal of Indigenous Food Systems in Western Canada”, Dr. Nancy Turner (Environmental Studies, UVic), Principle Investigator.



Grants, Scholarships & Awards (completed)


SSHRC Community-University Research Alliance (CURA) ($911,000)                       (Jan 04)

Collaborator, University of Victoria Department of Linguistics project "Language Revitalization in Vancouver Island Salish Communities”, Dr. Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins, Principle Investigator.


British Columbia History Website Prize (Nominee)                                                     (Mar 01)

BC Historical Federation & David Mattison, Victoria


STANDD Field Research Assistant Award ($3,000)                                                     (Nov 00)

FCAR and the McGill Centre for Society, Technology & Development, Montréal


Wenner-Gren Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship ($10,000 US)                  (Apr 00 - Apr 01)

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, New York


Jacobs Fund Research Grant ($1,200 US)                                                        (Dec 99 - Dec 00)

Watcom Museum, Bellingham


BC Heritage Trust Scholarship ($5,000)                                                          (Sep 99 - Apr 00)

British Columbia Heritage Trust, Province of BC


SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship ($33,000)                                                          (May 99 - Apr 01)

Social Science & Humanities Research Council


Eben Hopson Bursary for Study at McGill ($16,000)                                       (Sep 98 - Dec 99)

McGill University


American Museum of Natural history Research Grant ($500 US)                                 (Oct 93)

American Museum of Natural History


Moira Irvine Undergraduate Research Award ($500)                                                    (Dec 91)

Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of British Columbia


Weetaluktuk Student Paper Competition ($200)                                                          (May 91)

Canadian Archaeological Association



Professional Memberships


Canadian Anthropological Association (CASCA), 1995-present

American Anthropological Association, 1996-present

Association for Political and Legal Anthropology, 1998-present

American Society for Ethnohistory, 1994-2008

Society for Applied Anthropology, 1995-2008

American Folklore Society, 2002-2007

Canadian Archaeological Association, 1992-1998

American Archaeological Association, 1992-1996



Academic Reviewing


American Indian Culture and Research Journal, anonymous peer reviewer (4x, 2005-2008).


SSHRC Standard Research Grants Program, research grant application evaluation (2007, 2009)


UBC Press, manuscript evaluations (2x, 2009).


New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry, anonymous peer reviewer (2008)




Professional Skills

∙       collaborative and community-based research

∙       highly developed network of academics, first nations, government, business & media

∙       dynamic and engaging public speaking

∙       burgeoning media profile

∙       inclusive leadership

∙       accountable and efficient project and budget management

∙       strong facilitation skills, particularly in cross-cultural contexts

∙       experienced in interest-based negotiations and including closing complex deals

∙       sophisticated computer skills




∙       married with two young boys (born 2002, 2004), active in gymnastics, swimming, taekwondo, skating

∙       family enjoys boating and camping, particularly in the Gulf Islands

∙       volunteered in the Ladysmith 1st Scouting Group Committee as Group Administrator (2008)

∙       have been both DM and PC in a bi-weekly Dungeons & Dragons campaign (2005-present)

∙       have travelled (and blogged) with our family to Montreal (2005), Europe (2007) and Japan (2008), and extensively throughout British Columbia

∙       our family maintains vegetable and perennial gardens at our home in Ladysmith



Peer Review Publications


- (in press) The Anathema of Aggregation: Towards 21st Century Self-Government in the Coast Salish World. Anthropologica. 52(1), 44pps.


- (2009) The Paradox of Boundaries in Coast Salish Territories. Cultural Geographies. 16(2):179-205.


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McLay, Eric, Kelly Bannister, Lea Joe, Brian Thom, and George Nicholas (2008) ‘A’lhut tu tet Sul’hweentst [Respecting the Ancestors]: Understanding Hul’qumi’num Heritage Laws and Concerns for the Protection of Archaeological Heritage. In First Nations Cultural Heritage and Law, edited by Catherine Bell and Val Napoleon, pp150-202. Vancouver: UBC Press.



Book Reviews

Thom, Brian (2006) Review Article. Authentic Indians: Episodes of Encounter from the Late Nineteenth Century Northwest Coast, by Paige Raibmon. American Indian Culture and Research Journal. 30(4):135-138.


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Book Chapters and Other Publications


- (2008) The Whalen Farm Site (DfRs 3), 1949-50: Re-contextualizing Borden’s Whalen Farm. Pp 10-33 in: The Crescent Beach Site and the Place of the Locarno Beach Phase, edited by R. G. Matson, Laboratory of Archaeology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.


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Olding, Brian, Jessica Rogers and Brian Thom (2008) A Call to Action: Shared Decision-Making, A New Model of Reconciliation of First Nations Natural Resource Jurisdiction. 16pp. Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group, Ladysmith.


Evans, Brian, Julia Gardner and Brian Thom (2005) Shxunutun’s Tu Suleluxwtst, In the Footsteps of our Ancestors: Interim Strategic Land Plan for the Hul’qumi’num Core Traditional Territory. 112pp. Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group, Ladysmith.


Carlson, M. Teresa, K. Carlson, Brian Thom & Albert ‘Sonny’ McHalsie (1996) Spoken Literature: Stó:lō Oral Narratives. In: You are Asked to be a Witness: The Stó:lō and Canada’s Pacific Coast History, edited by K. Carlson, Stó:lō Nation Press, Chilliwack, BC.



Major Research Reports


Thom, Brian (2006) Protecting and Protecting Aboriginal Intangible Property in Canada: Copyright and Contracts in Research Relationships with Aboriginal Communities in Canada. 17pp. Department of Canadian Heritage, Copyright Policy Branch, Ottawa.


Thom, Brian (2005) Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group Park Advisory Committee Report and Recommendations on Consultation and Accommodation. 29pp. Parks Canada Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Sydney.


 - and Don Bain (2004) Aboriginal Intangible Property in Canada: An Ethnographic Review / Biens immatériels autochtones au Canada: une étude ethnographique. 140pp. Industry Canada, Marketplace Framework Policy Branch, Ottawa.


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 - (1995) Ethnographic Overview of Stó:lō People and the Traditional Use of the Hudson's Bay Company Brigade Trail Area. Prepared for: Chilliwack Forest District, Ministry of Forests, Chilliwack.


 - (1994) Telling Stories: the Life of Chief Richard Malloway. Research Report Prepared for: Stó:lō Tribal Council, Chilliwack.


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Washbrook, Kevin and Brian Thom (1998) Final Report for the Stó:lō Nation Traditional Use Study. Report Submitted to B.C. Ministry of Forests, Forest Renewal B.C. and Stó:lō Nation, Victoria and Chilliwack.


McHalsie, Sonny, Brian Thom and Kevin Washbrook (1996) Halq'eméylem Village Names in S’ólh Témexw. Unpublished ms. Stó:lō Nation, Chilliwack, BC.



Invited Conference Papers and Keynote Addresses


Thom, Brian and Karen Fediuk "Coast Salish Food Security in the 21st Century”, invited keynote address to the 6th Annual Anthropology Conference on Culture, Community, and Well-Being, Sustaining Food: Conference on Past and Present Food System, Kwantlen University College, Surrey, March 20, 2009.


"The Anathema of Aggregation: Towards 21st Century Self-Government in the Coast Salish World” Invited paper for symposium entitled Land, cultural and political imagination, and indigenous futures in remote communities in Canada and Australia: a comparative perspective, organized by Sylvie Poirier (U Laval), for 2008 Annual meetings of the Canadian Anthropological Society, Ottawa.


"The Paradox of Boundaries in Coast Salish Territories”. Invited paper presented at Indigenous Cartographies and Representational Politics: an international conference dedicated to the critical examination of indigenous mapping and geographic information systems. Cornell University, March 3-5, 2006.


"Intangible Property within Coast Salish First Nations Communities, British Columbia”. Invited Paper Presented at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) North American Workshop on Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge. Ottawa, September 8, 2003.



Conference Papers


- (2009) Protecting the Human Rights of Coast Salish Peoples in British Columbia, Canada. Paper Presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Anthropology Society, 15 May 2009, Vancouver. Published in Culture, the Canadian Anthropology Society Newsletter 3(2):8-11, 2009


Thom, Brian and Karen Fediuk (2008) Food (In)security in the Coast Salish World. Paper Presented at the 107th annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. San Francisco, 19 November 2008.


 -(2007) Disagreement-in-principle: Negotiating the right to practice Coast Salish culture in treaty talks on Vancouver Island, BC. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Anthropology Society, May 8-12, 2007, Toronto.


 - (2006) Place, personhood and claims in the contemporary Coast Salish world. Paper presented at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Anthropology Society Concordia University, Montréal, Québec, May 9-14, 2006.


 - (2006) Culture, Power and Treaty Negotiations in British Columbia. Paper Presented at the 65th Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Vancouver, BC, March 28-April 2, 2006.


Fediuk, Karen & Brian Thom (2003) Contemporary & Desired use of Traditional Resources in a Coast Salish Community: Implications for Food Security and Aboriginal Rights in British Columbia. Paper Presented at the 26th Annual Meeting of the Society for Ethnobiology, Seattle.


Urbanczyk, Su, Joanne Charlie, Brian Thom & Edna Thomas (2002) Themes, Thoughts, and Theories on Strategic Planning for Hul’qumi’num Language Revitalization. University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 9. Papers for the 37th International Conference on Salish and Neighbouring Languages, edited by Carrie Gillon, et al.. UBC Department of Linguistics, Vancouver.


Thom, Brian (2001) Coast Salish Senses of Property & Place and the Open Area Licence Clam Fishery in Coastal British Columbia. Paper Presented at the 2001 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Anthropology Society, Montreal.


- (2000) Territory, Boundaries & Overlapping Claims on the Northwest Coast. Paper Presented at the 99th Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association, San Francisco.


- (1999) Rising to the Test: Meeting Lamer's Tests for Aboriginal Rights and Title After Delgamuukw. Paper Presented at the annual meetings of the Canadian Anthropology Society, Québec City.


- (1998) Coast Salish Transformation Stories: Kinship, Place And Aboriginal Rights And Title in Canada. Paper Presented at the Annual Meetings of the Canadian Anthropology Society, Toronto.


- and Kevin Washbrook (1997) Co-management, Negotiation, Litigation: Questions of Power in Traditional Use Studies. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Seattle.


- (1997) Honouring the Dead A Long Time Ago: Changing Burial Practices in S’ólh Témexw. Paper presented at the Stó:lō, People of the River Multi-disciplinary Conference on the Stó:lō People and their Future, Chilliwack.


- (1996) Maintaining Complexity: Changes in Social Inequality During the Marpole-Late Transition in the Gulf of Georgia Region. Paper presented at the 61st Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, New Orleans.


- (1995) The Dead and the Living: Rank, Class and the Central Coast Salish Burial Mound Complex. Paper presented at the 28th Annual Canadian Archaeological Association, Kelowna.


- (1994) "The Indians are on the Fence": Harlan I. Smith and the Jesup North Pacific Expedition. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Ethnohistory. Tempe, AZ.


- (1994) Narratives of Leadership: Oral History and the (Re)production of Tradition. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Anthropology Society, Vancouver.


 - (1993) The Political and Economic Position of Chinook and Salish Women: The Ethnohistoric and Anthropological Records. Paper presented at the 46th Northwest Anthropology Conference, Bellingham, WA.



Invited Lectures


"Reconsidering the BC Treaty Process”, invited lecture and seminar presented to Dispute Resolute 503/Law 372: Public Policy, Law and Dispute Resolution, Dr. Maureen Maloney, University of Victoria, November 20th, 2009.


"Language Research, Language Revitalization, and Protecting Intangible Property”, invited lecture presented to En’owken Centre, Certificate in Language Revitalization, Dr. Strang Burton (UBC), August 19th, 2009.


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