Me at the Launch Party for my First Publication



A product of British Columbia's wild West Coast, I'm currently an MA student of digital media at the University of Waterloo. My interests include Shakespeare, film, technology, popular culture, adaptation theory, geohumanities, digital media, digital humanities, and politics (but not necessarily in that order). I'm in the early stages of a career that will be defined by my unique brand of enthusiasm, critical creativity, and attention to detail.

What is this website?

It's my cyber sandbox, but it's also an information repository for the work I've been doing. Here, I keep public records of all sorts of things, including research abstracts, brief notes about various positions I've held, materials from theatre performances, links to my social media profiles, and a complete CV. It makes it easier for me to find all this information when I apply for grants and other things.

Technical info (in case you're interested)

Everything here used to be encoded in HTML, but I recently performed an XSLT transformation that converted every file to TEI, making the site content easier to manage. For example, I'm working on a centralized database of people and organizations that are mentioned frequently throughout the site. I'm still working out a few kinks, but I hope to get everything working properly very soon (external links and links to the database are currently broken).

All site content is encoded in TEI, transformed to HTML with an XSLT stylesheet, and then styled with a CSS stylesheet. I upload files to the web.uvic server using FileZilla. Coming soon: JavaScript!