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Dr. Neville Winchester

Adjunct Associate Professor
University of Victoria
Department of Biology
Telephone: (250) 721-7099



Research and Scholarly Interests

  • Canopy arthropods
  • Distribution, abundance & organization of arthropod communities
  • Conservation of ancient rainforests
Temperate studies focus on the effects of forest practices on biodiversity maintenance and development of arthropod monitoring protocols.

Tropical studies document community composition of canopy microarthropod fauna in perched organic litter, relating this information with tree species and distribution within the canopy, and documenting associations with epiphytes to isolate factors structuring these communities.

Current Research Projects

A.B.A.S.S., Clayoquot Sound



International Canopy Network

Global Canopy Project

Biological Survey of Canada

The Entomological Society of British Columbia

Former Students

Zoë Lindo, Ph.D.

Claudia Copley, M.Sc.