Let’s Face It! (LFI!) Scrapbook

A revolutionary gaming platform in which the player becomes one with the game - literally.

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Serious fun!

For the child on the autism spectrum, LFI! Scrapbook is serious fun! The platform is a powerful educational tool for learning faces and recognizing emotions of the important people in their lives. But LFI! is not just for kids. Teachers will use it to learn the names of their students, and students will use it as an effective tool for studying biology, fine arts, psychology, and any subject that involves visual images.

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Four games

The app includes four challenging games (Splash, NameGame, Memory and Fuse) that have uniquely themed levels, and even a few hidden tricks!

Customizable game content

Use the iPad’s built-in camera to take pictures and and make videos of friends, family and classmates. Label pictures and videos, and organize them into personalized albums that provide content for the LFI! games.

Personal information and game content are private and always will be

LFI! Scrapbook does not collect or transmit personal information or user data of any kind. All user generated content stays on the app or can be exported to the iPad's camera roll by the user.

Tutorial videos

Carefully designed videos help you create content and play the games.

Ready for some serious fun?
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LFI! Scrapbook can be downloaded from the App Store and requires an iPad 2 or higher.


Can anyone use the app?

Yes! While LFI! Scrapbook was designed to help children on the autism spectrum learn faces and recognize emotions, the app is a valuable tool for learning any subject that involves visual images.

What should I do if I experience problems with the app?

  1. Make sure you have the latest iOS version installed.
  2. Try exiting the app and relaunching it.
  3. Try restarting your iPad.
  4. Download LFI! Scrapbook again.

If the issue persists, please describe it using the form below. Please include the iPad model and the iOS version installed.

Will you release versions for other platforms (Android, Windows Phone)?

We are not currently planning to target other platforms or devices, but we are open to that possibility if there is any future demand.

How can I get involved with CARTE?

Feel free to send us a message via the form below.

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