Garden News for March 2, 2015

Garden News

What a busy last week! In addition to starting our referendum campaign, we got a lot of work done in the garden. We dug in our rye cover crops to feed the Giving Garden soil, added manure to the permaculture garden, and started some seeds for veggies and native flowers! Have you started planting for your garden yet?
CCG_sayyes-proof04_FEB17 (1)
In the upcoming UVSS election on Wednesday, we are asking students to support contributing student fees to the ongoing growth of the garden. With an additional $0.76/full-time student and $0.37/part-time student per semester we could offer more consistent services and increase our ability to grow more food for students.

If you haven’t heard much about our campaign yet, check out this video (see postbelow) some of our gardeners made explaining why we are participating in the upcoming UVSS election.

If you support this campaign, please vote in favour of our referendum on March 4. Join our facebook event here and spread the word to others!

Upcoming events:

UVSS All Candidates Forum 
Today, March 2, 2015 at 3pm
SUB Upper Lounge
Matt will be speaking on behalf of the Campus Community Garden in the election’s all candidates meeting today at 3pm. Come to show your support, ask questions, or listen to find out more about why we are asking for $0.74 from students. Go Matt go!

UVSS Voting Day
March 4, 9am – March 5, 9am
Polling stations in the SUB, Clearihue, McPherson Library, Fine Arts building and Engineering. 
This Wednesday is the UVSS voting day and we encourage all undergraduates to get out to the polling station (or online: to vote. In order to get any of the referendums passed, we need a minimum of 15% of student votes, so any participation i s really appreciated.

March Board Meeting
March 9, 2015 at 4pm
SUB B028

Upcoming work parties
Fri 2-3:45pm

Office Hours
SUB B118
Monday 10am-3pm
Tuesday: 2-4pm

Garden News for February 23, 2015

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The garden works to offer skill-building workshops, a Giving Garden program to grow food for students and the food bank, and community events, but we currently cannot keep up with the demand in a long-term capacity. In the upcoming UVSS elcetion, we are asking students to support contributing student fees to the ongoing growth of the garden. With an additional $0.76/full-time student and $0.37/part-time student per semester we could offer more consistent services and increase our ability to grow more food for students.

With increased funding, we want to offer:

  • More workshops related to food skills
  • Events related to food politics and relevant issues
  • Advocacy to increase access to healthy foods for low income and marginalized peoples
  • Reducing barriers for participation in the community garden, e.g. wheelchair/physical accessibility
  • Implementation of projects to increase food growth such as:
    • Expanded greenhouse
    • Additional composting facilities
    • Aquaponics system
    • Outdoor/community kitchen
    • Expanded communal growing spaces

If you want to support this campaign, please vote in favour of our referendum on March 4-5. Join our facebook event, pick up a sticker or flyer at our table in the SUB and spread the word to others!

Email us at if you have any questions or what to help out with the campaign this week in any way. Volunteers are welcomed to join a campaign meeting Tuesday February 24th at 3:30pm in SUB B118.

Garden Site Committee Meeting
Want to get more involved with garden site planning? No experience is necessary but an interest in infrastructure projects such as building paths and greenhouses, tool maintenance, or making compost are major priorities for CCG site committee. This meeting will be discussion based, focused on planning with future meetings focused on action.
Where: At the Garden
When: Sunday, March 1
Time: 11:00 am -12:30 pm

Office Hours
Mon 10-3
Tues 2-4

Work party
Fri 2-3:45

Want a healthy snack? Kale is here.


From the garden

From the garden

Either you’ve planted them or seen them planted, kale is a nutritious, versatile, and hardy plant in the cold weather garden. Just a few weeks ago we were busy in the garden chopping back all types of kale. That got me to thinking, if our gardens are filled with kale others must be as well and what better way to celebrate kale then by sharing a recipe. Before we get to that let me tell you a bit more about kale:

  • Kale is part of the group of vegetables know as Brassica oleracea or wild cabbage.
  • While the introduction of kale into our diet has been debated by scientists, it is agreed that kale was a common vegetable eaten during the middle ages.
  • Kale is known as a “dark leafy green” meaning that it is rich in chlorophyll.
  • Kale contains high amounts of vitamin K and A and lesser amounts of B6, folate, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid. In terms of minerals kale is rich in manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, and lesser amounts of iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. Kale also contains omega-3 and 6.

Kale can be enjoyed raw, steamed, baked, juiced and dehydrated. It works great as a star of a dish such as in a salad, a side veggie or in a supporting role added to soups, dips,

To the kitchen

To the kitchen

and casseroles. Looking for a different take on kale, most recently I experimented with making kale chips. After consulting some friends I found that making kale chips is a very creative process. You can use any assortment of herbs, spices, oils, and vinegars. It depends on your preference if you bake or dehydrate it and at what temperature. Generally a low temperature over a longer period helps maintain the nutrition content of the kale and can also help you to avoid burning it. I definitely don’t recommend increasing the temperature of the oven any higher than 300 C.

Kale Chip Recipe

4 cups of kale

2 tbsp. of olive oil

A generous dash of chilli peppers, paprika, cracked pepper, Herbamare salt (this is a mixture of different herbs and sea salt).

Pre-heat the oven to 200 F. Clean the kale and put it in a bowl. Add the oil to the clean kale and toss it coating the outside evenly. Finally add any and all herbs you like.

Divide the kale up between two baking sheets. Make sure that the kale is spread out evenly. If only one baking sheet is available you can do it in two batches.

Place the baking sheets in the oven. The whole cooking process took 1.5 hours. Make sure that you check on the kale every fifteen minutes, flipping it over with a spatula each time.

To your tummy

To your tummy


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Garden News

The Campus Community Garden will be participating in the upcoming UVSS election asking undergraduate students to increase their student fees by $0.74 per full time student and $0.37 per part time student to support growth of the garden. We’re limited in what we can promote before the official campaign period begins, but we are seeking help from garden volunteers for our upcoming campaign between Feb 23-March 5. We will need volunteers to table for us, put up posters, participate in classroom talks, and other tasks. Please email us at if you are able to help in any way!

In other news, we’re also resuming our work party and office hours this week and have an upcoming board meeting. More details below.

February Board Meeting
Tues, February 17, 2015
CLE D132
Agenda is posted on our website.

Office Hours
Mon 10-3
Tues 2-4

Work party

Fri 2-3:45

Campus Plan Photo contest

Have any sweet photos of the Campus Community Garden? Show your love for the garden and submit them to the Campus Plan Photo Contest! This contest is about the future of our UVic campus and we want a permanent Campus Community Garden to be part of that vision.

Snap photos by Feb 22nd 2015 and mail them to You will be entered into a draw to win one of three $100 Bookstore Giftcards and your photos might be included in the Campus Plan Update reports!

Read the Campus Plan Photo contest guidelines here.


Beach trip

We’re doing a beach trip to pick up driftwood for the permaculture garden on Thursday at 12pm and looking for more helpers. There is 2 or 3 more seats open in Matt’s truck, but more people are welcome to join by car, bike, etc. If you’d like to join, please RSVP to let us know or drop by the garden on Thursday and see if there are spaces left!

Garden News

“Dominator culture has tried to keep us all afraid, to make us choose safety instead of risk, sameness instead of diversity. Moving through that fear, finding out what connects us, revelling in our differences; this is the process that brings us closer, that gives us a world of shared values, of meaningful community.”
- bell hooks, from Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope

Thank you to the anti.violence.project who facilitated an anti-oppression workshop with our board of directors this weekend and got us thinking about  our self-locations, histories on these lands, and critical ways to work in community with one another. Some questions to ponder this week: What does it mean to you to be in community with others?  How can we support one another to flourish both in the garden and in our daily lives?

If you have any thoughts about how we can make the garden community more accessible to you or others, please drop by the office or send me a note.

- Erica 

Garden News

Another thank you to everyone who joined us for our Friday work party last week! It was great to see so many new faces out at the garden, soaking up the sun and sifting through the soil. Since Friday afternoon was so popular, we’ll be having this week’s work party at the same time – Friday @ 2-3:45pm 

Next week’s work party and office hours will be cancelled due to reading break. But speaking of reading, if you are interested in helping to organize our garden resource library, please let us know. We are looking for more volunteers to help out and are continuing to accept donations of relevant garden/food books.

Also happening:

This week: Events and Outreach Meeting
Tuesday, February 3, 2:30pm
SUB B024

The events and outreach team is another great way to get involved with the CCG outside of the garden! You don’t have to have a plot and can sign up to be involved in one or more events according to the time commitment you can manage. At this first meeting of the semester, we’ll discuss the potential to plan a Farm Tour, a DIY Garden Box for Apartments/Small Spaces workshop and more!

If you’re unable to make the meeting, but want to help out or find out more, feel free to contact Emily at or 250-216-4321

Upcoming work parties
Fri 2-3:45pm

Office Hours
SUB B118
Mon 10-12:15
Tues 2-5

Events and Outreach Team Meeting

If you’re interested in volunteering with the community garden the events and outreach team is a great way to get involved! You don’t have to have a plot and you can sign up to be involved in a single event or multiple events if you wish according to the time commitment you can manage!

There will be a meeting on Tuesday at 2:30 in the SUB (room to be announced) where we’ll be discussing a Farm Tour, a DIY Garden Box Workshop, and more!

If you’re unable to make the meeting feel free to contact Emily at or 250-216-4321