Mushrooms and Gardening Workshop Re-cap!

Hello fungal friends.

Talking mushy at the workshop!

Talking mushy at the workshop!

Last Saturday, we hosted a Mushroom and Gardening workshop, the second to last in our Fall Workshop Series. It was facilitated by Danielle Stevenson of DIY Fungi, who led us into the captivating universe of fungi! She shared with us her knowledge on mushrooms, from decompoing to parasitic to endophytic (partners with plants!), and answered questions very insightfully. The workshop’s main focus was mushroom companions to the garden, so we learned about which mushrooms to encourage and why this can be beneficial. We got to install an Oyster Mushroom bed in the corner of the Permaculture garden, and also inoculate the raspberry beds along both fences with King Stropharia (Garden Giant, Wine Cap) mycelium. Thank you for everyone who came out (all 25+ of you!). Read on below for information and photos from the workshop!

Learn more
Intro to Fungi
Mushroom Companion in the Garden
How-To Build a Mushroom Bed

Do you want to grow your own mushrooms?
Danielle, DIY Fungi

All that the Rain Promises and More- David Aurora (Great Field Guide)
Mushrooms Demystified- David Aurora
Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World- Paul Stamets

Photos from the Workshop:


Installing an oyster mushroom bed in the Permaculture Garden!


King Stropharia is in the Permaculture Garden and the raspberry beds!


Oh sweet, sweet mushroom


Mushroom Bed Fini!

Uvic’s Next Top Mushroom Fall 2015





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