Upcoming Workshops

August 24, 2017  4 -5:30pm

Join us at the Campus Community Garden to learn the basics of beekeeping from our resident beekeeper Barry.
You will learn the importance of bees, what they do for our environment, what swarms are and the basics of keeping a bee box and collecting honey.
There will be honey from our bee boxes to enjoy!

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How do Zucchinis grow so quickly?

I can’t help but be continually amazed by the speed at which plants can grow. The other day I noticed a flower on one of the zucchini plants near the greenhouses. 3 days later, the flower was replaced by a GIANT zucchini that would put any supermarket squash to shame.  How on earth can a tiny seed flourish and produce so vigorously by only using water and sunlight? Continue reading

Summer Solstice Garden


Summer solstice and winter garden planning; What and when to start planting for winter.

“This year, June 20 is the longest day in Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, and it marks the official beginning of summer. In the garden, it’s a time of squash, green beans, cucumbers, and the tomatoes are almost ready.”


As gardeners and growers; whether you are a newbie or are well seasoned with dirt permanently under your nails, this year has been one for the books. However, today marks the day of summer, with the most amount of light to dust off your seeds, planners, and start thinking about winter planting.

I know this might seem strange considering we had such a cold late and not that promising spring, but for most growers summer solstice is the start of winter garden planning. Luckily for those of us in Victoria and along the pacific coast, this means if you start planning and seeding now you can have your brassicas, carrots, beets, kale, and lettuce producing up until you start hearing Christmas music play in the superstores. Woohoo!

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Garden Potluck


Join the campus community for an evening summer social at the garden. There will be fresh veggies from the garden and live music by local musicians.

Staff and renters have been working hard this spring to bring the garden to life. We want to celebrate the coming season and harvests and bring the community together to enjoy the garden. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow gardeners, students, staff, and families.

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