We are Looking for Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers for the spring and summer gardening season! Volunteers are an essential part of the garden community and we are looking forward to getting more student involvement.

If you are interested in becoming involve through any of these roles, send us a message at ccgassist@uvic.ca

Volunteer Role Descriptions

Outreach Volunteers

Outreach Volunteers assist with events and initiatives that promote the presence of the Campus Community Garden on campus and around the community. This includes tabling at events such as club days and at pop-up markets where we distribute food from the garden and information about getting involved. Other duties include assisting in developing outreach materials and helping plan outreach activities throughout the year.

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Water Systems Workshops

Water Systems for Growing Food – 2018 Workshop Series coming up in March!

At the Campus Community Garden we are continually applying permaculture principles to support the resiliency of our urban agriculture site. Growing food requires a reliable source of water, and ideally more than one for redundancy. So with the principle of ‘Catch and Store Energy’, we will improve our system of harvesting one of the elements from the sky!

Rainwater Harvesting Workshops

4:00-6:30pm – Wednesday, March 7th – Campus Community Garden 
This introductory workshop will go over system basics and design concepts for rainwater harvesting, as applied to the garden, including the greenhouses. The site will be examined to see how rainwater can best be captured, conveyed, stored, and distributed to the garden beds.

4:00-6:30pm – Wednesday, March 14th – Campus Community Garden
This workshop will focus on rainwater system components that are offered by manufacturers and distributors. Participants will review a selection of suitable parts and work on meeting the design criteria for the system to be installed at the garden.

Please bring a notepad, measuring tape, calculator and a camera, and be ready to ‘b’rainstorm! We will start at the UVic Campus Community Garden, and then go to the Student Union Building to continue drawing designs.

Instructor: Ken Nentwig, BLA, MLA, CLIP, CLD

Ken has developed and facilitates online courses in Rainwater Management and in SketchUp for Landscape Design for Gaia College, which are also offered through Royal Roads University (BC), and Humber and Seneca Colleges (ON). With CANARM, Ken created and delivered a Canadian rainwater harvesting certification course, now superseded by the ARCSA Accredited Professional (AP) program.

Ken was the Executive Director for the Society for Organic Urban Land Care; and co-facilitator for Ecological Landscape Design (Gaia College). As a consultant, Ken undertakes landscape and site planning, along with rainwater harvesting system planning in association with landscape contractors, builders, and rainwater specialists.

Check out the Canadian Association for Rainwater Management: http://www.canarm.org/about-us-canadian-rainwater-association

Kent’s website:

Spring 2018 Workshops

Take a look at upcoming workshops and events at the garden this spring. We are excited for some fun learning opportunities with organizations and innovators in Victoria including the Compost Education Center, Gather Victoria, Inspired Living Nutrition, Hannah Estabrook, Elder Earl Claxton Jr, Hatchet and Seed, and more! You can visit our facebook page for more information about the workshops or email ccgassist@uvic.ca for details and to register.

Winter Chanterelles

Winter Chanterelles

Still thinking about foraging for mushrooms? It’s not too late! Winter Chanterelles are a  well known and safe mushroom to lookout for in and around Victoria this time of year. These tasty mushrooms can be found throughout most of the winter. They look similar to fall chanterelles but are smaller with a hollow stem.

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