So you want to get involved with the Campus Community Garden but don’t know how? There are a number of ways! Weeders are always Welcome! In spring and early summer, nature is growing at a tremendous rate and we can hardly keep up – especially with the fennel. There are flower beds, herb beds, berry beds, and community plots that could all use a touch-up to keep the weeds at bay. And if you contact us, we will explain about the push mower and clippers, to keep the grass at a reasonable level. The important thing is to clean up after your work and put all equipment away.

Better still, come out to a work party and participate in larger projects, like revamping the kids garden, creating a social space, turning the compost, or creating an improved flower and berry bed. Here’s how to get in touch.

But you may have other talents…you are welcome to organize a project, plan workshops, social events, develop a business plan, create some art work, or a number of creative and fun activities that will enhance the garden space.

Project List

1. The flower bed at the garden gate:

This bed needs edge trimming and could use some weeding. It would benefit from some soil or coffee grounds added to it.

2. The herb bed.

This is the bed with the rosemary and lovage. It needs weeding, edging and trimming.

2. Flower bed with rose bush

This bed needs continuous weeding and edging.

3. Pathways

Plot renters should be trimming the grass around their plot, but often need a hand. The paths are uneven due to the sod placement. They need to be leveled out.

4. Tools

There is a file in the shed to sharpen the shovels and hoes. It would be great if someone could take on tool maintenance. All the tools need to be cleaned and put away after use, so if you see them out, feel free to put them back in the shed or the tool box!

Come on out and play in the garden. Make some new friends, listen to the birds, watch the insects, smell the good earth!