Seed Library


We have a seed library located outside of our office (SUB B118), and open for everyone to use! Come check it out, and take some seed with you to grow this season. Thank you to Lifecycles for donating the seeds through their Seed Library Project.

How does it work?

1) Take one variety, or several, of seeds in the envelopes provided.
2) Plant and grow!
3) Enjoy the nourishing food.
4) Save some of the plant’s seed to put back inside the seed library. Thus continuing the cycle!

For more information on how to save seed, look here.

One thought on “Seed Library

  1. Recently I helped to package some native seeds at the Habitat Acquisition Trust and I was given some seeds of Great Camas and Fawn Lily which I would like to give to the seed library for anyone to plant
    I will bring the seeds to the office (SUB B118)
    Thank you

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