Composting is an amazing way to “close the loop” at your garden. Instead of shipping away your organics to the landfill where they won’t break down and will produce GHG’s, or sending them to an industrial composting facility afar, you can save your organics and produce beautiful compost to amend your garden soil!

We are lucky enough to be close to the wonderful folks at the Compost Education Centre (located by Victoria High School, 1216 North Park Street). They have so much knowledge to share. They are a great resource to help you get started on your composting journey or to help you expand your composting know-how!

The following are a sampling of composting fact sheets published by the CEC that are definitely worth taking a gander at:

  • Backyard Composting  – Learn about the basics of backyard composting and how easy it can be!
  • Vermicomposting
  • Food Waste Digester – We have a food waste digester in the native flower garden at the CCG. If you have food waste while at the garden (or even want to bring some from home), feel free to throw it in there.
  • Hot Composting – Along with passive composting at the garden we also practice the art of Hot Composting.
  • Trenching
  • Compost Ecology – Check out whats actually going on in your compost pile.

If you want to get involved with composting at the CCG, e-mail


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