Where To Purchase Local Seeds


Saving Your Own Seeds

Victoria Seed Library
The Victoria Seed Library offers free access to seeds and seed saving education. Their goal is to support local food security and steward our region’s biodiversity. Locally-raised seeds are more resilient and better adapted to our soil and microclimate. LifeCycles and GVPL created the Seed Library as a way for hobby and beginner gardeners to share seeds and other gardening resources, and to connect with other seed savers.

Small Scale Organic Seed Production Handbook
By Patrick Steiner, FarmFolk CityFolk.  Beyond the mechanics of
growing and harvesting seeds, there are other considerations for the farmer seeking to incorporate seed growing into their farming systems.  The strength of this book lies in the first-hand experiences of a number of growers who have shared how seed growing has
become a part of their farm economy and ecology. The insights they have gained, and the lessons learned are useful for any BC or Canadian farmer looking to grow seeds and contribute to the overall strength of a successful and sustainable local agriculture.