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Wednesday February 21st
@ 4:00 – 5:30pm
UVIC, Clerihue Building A314 

Stress 101 for Stressed out Students

Sleepless nights, mood swings, frequent colds, poor digestion, loss of appetite, emotional eating and more, much more. If you’re feeling any of those symptoms then this workshop is for you. We’ll start by understanding what stress is and how it can manifest in our bodies. From there we’ll look at the top lifestyle and nutritional considerations to take you from feeling uninspired to on top of the world (or close to it anyway!).

Cordelia McFadyen, a.k.a. your nutritional translator, is owner and holistic nutritionist at Inspired Living Nutrition Inc. Cordelia believes there is more than enough food information “out there” for people to learn from, however the key is not in the information available, but how to apply it to your unique nutritional needs. This is where she applies some of her favorite goal crushing techniques to help you learn the new health habits that will reveal the best you. A strong advocate for the holistic nutrition industry, she currently serves as the Dean at the School of Holistic Nutrition at Pacific Rim College located in Victoria, BC.




Wednesday February 28th
@ 1- 3pm
UVIC, Clerihue Building room C214

Want to grow your own groceries but not sure where to start? This is a crash course in veggie growing designed for total beginners who want to start growing their own fresh produce. We will touch on site selection, timing, starting seeds, diseases and pests and more!


Alysha is the Site Manager and Community Education Coordinator at the Compost Education Centre in Fernwood. She has taught and written about composting, permaculture and organic gardening for almost a decade. She maintains the Compost Education Centre’s demonstration gardens and sustainable systems, leads site tours and teaches there as well as out in the community. She holds a BSc. in Environmental Management, a Permaculture Design Certificate and an Organic Master Gardener certificate from Gaia College.
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Urban Wildcrafting: Exploring Spring Edibles & Healing Herbs

Saturday March 10th
@ 2-4pm
at the Campus Community Garden

The most common misconception about wild food foraging is that it involves taking to the wild woods or harvesting endangered native plants. Nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of wild delicious, nutritious and medicinal plants are far from rare, they grow in abundance in the urban green spaces of our backyards, neighbourhood lanes.

Join Danielle from Gather Victoria for an afternoon tour of The Campus Community Garden and explore the plants, herbs and weeds of a forgotten western medicinal cuisine. Filling the earliest cooking pots of our hunter gatherer ancestors, these plants continued to be consumed for their health promoting properties – long after agriculture was well established.

In this walk we’ll rediscover the culinary and medicinal herbs (many of which are known as weeds) planted in these gardens as well the unwanted weeds growing “wild” on the fringes of our city streets and in our backyards. We’ll discuss how many of the plants that graced our grandparents dinner plates, filled their pantries and medicinal chests just a few generations ago, became either forgotten or classified as weeds, and why as many herbalists believe, it’s no coincidence that many modern chronic diseases appeared as these plants disappeared from our diets.

So please join Gather and learn how to safely identify, sustainably harvest and prepare many of these forgotten superfoods in simple, easy, nourishing and tasty dishes. Plus their will be herbal treats and wildcrafted snacks (both savoury & sweet) for sampling!

ABOUT Gather Victoria: Whether we’re leading a wild food walk, holding a cooking workshop, or hosting a seasonal nature celebration, our mission is simple – to revive ancestral food traditions. We reconnect with the earth’s most ancient plants, the plants that have been nourishing, healing and enchanting us since, well, the very beginning. And from spring to summer, fall to winter, we explore the most magical foods of the season, the herbs, wild plants, backyard weeds, blossoms, roots and berries at the heart of our oldest and most sacred traditions. So join us as we taste the local terroir and revive ancestral cuisine!


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