Professor Emeritus, University of Victoria

Formerly, until 2010,

Lansdowne Professor of Ocean Physics

Department of Physics and Astronomy


School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

    Until recently, my interests have largely been on the theoretical fluid dynamics of the small-scale physical processes in the ocean that, like individual clouds and their contents in the atmosphere, cannot be represented explicitly in larger scale models that deal with the structure and circulation of oceanic water. 

    If we aim to address problems of climate, marine pollution, and the use of ocean resources, these small-scale processes need to be “parameterized”, with their effects on things like vertical transport represented in terms of larger-scale variables that are treated explicitly. Correct parameterization that adjusts to changing large scale conditions can only come from understanding the processes.

    I have also had an occasional interest in problems that might be regarded as the scientific basis of engineering problems, and this has been the focus of much of my recent work.

    My research has largely been conducted in collaboration with excellent students, post-docs and other colleagues.