The pictures scattered throughout this web site are nature shots taken from around the Greater Victoria Area. The current crop of pictures were provided by Caren's husband Dennis. They were taken in and around Goldstream Provincial Park, Mount Douglas Park, Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site and Swan Lake. An actual picture of moss near Swan Lake was used to create the background. Many kinds of moss and lichen are a prominent feature of coastal B.C. The hiding bullfrog button was drawn in Photoshop.

See the list below to find out where each photo was taken:

Home Page:

1. A small stream leading to the Goldstream, Goldstream Provincial Park, Greater Victoria
2. Cordova Bay viewed from Mount Douglas Beach, Mount Douglas Park, Greater Victoria

Research Interest Page:

Adult male bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana, London, Ontario

Personnel Page:

Mushrooms, Moss and Logs, Goldstream Provincial Park, Vancouver Island

Publications Page:

1. Boulders on beach, Mount Douglas Park, Greater Victoria
2. Fallen Branch in the Surf, Mount Douglas Beach, Greater Victoria

Last Update: August 2017