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Chemistry 101
Properties of Materials
Fundamentals of Chemistry I

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Course Content

The following refers to the Chemistry 101/102 UVic Custom Text 'Chemistry: The Central Science', Brown, LeMay, Bursten, Murphy, Woodward 13th Ed.

ELECTRONIC STRUCTURE OF ATOMS: Light and electromagnetic radiation; Wave-particle duality; quantization; Bohr model; atomic spectra; Uncertainty Principle; quantum mechanics; wave functions; quantum numbers; atomic orbitals; electron configurations; many-electron atoms; electron spin; Pauli Exclusion Principle; Hund’s Rule; introduction to transition metals; Periodic Table.

PERIODIC PROPERTIES: Nuclear charge; sizes of atoms and ions; ionization energy; electron affinity.

IONIC AND COVALENT BONDING: Lewis structures; octet rule; formal charges; ionic and covalent bonding; bond polarity and electronegativity; resonance structures; strengths of covalent bonds; bond lengths.

MOLECULAR GEOMETRY AND BONDING, METALLIC BONDING: Shapes of molecules; VSEPR model; molecular polarity; hybrid orbitals; multiple bonds; delocalized p bonding; molecular orbitals of hydrogen, bond order; metallic bonding.

INTERMOLECULAR FORCES: Liquids; ion-dipole and dipole dipole forces; London dispersion forces; hydrogen bonding; liquid crystals; ionic liquids.

INTRODUCTION TO ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: Organic structures; physical properties; hydrocarbons; alkanes and cycloalkanes; isomerism; nomenclature; alkenes; alkynes; addition reactions; aromatic hydrocarbons; alcohols and ethers; aldehydes and ketones; carboxylic acid and derivatives; chirality.

SOLIDS & MODERN MATERIALS: Polymers, semiconductors; liquid crystals, superconducting materials.


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