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On-Line Quizzes

These will be conducted using MasteringChemistry.

Quizzes will be done on-line using the Mastering Chemistry tutorial and homework program from the publisher of our text.

Although you may complete suggested homework assignments with your study group, you are expected to work the on-line quizzes individually.

There will be an ungraded practice quiz available early in the term so that you can try out the system and check your computer’s compatibility. The quizzes can also be done in a University computer lab.

You must complete the quizzes according to the schedule below. Note that the Due Date for a Graded Quiz is included in the Title of the Quiz.

There are 8 on-line quizzes. You are required to complete them according to this schedule: They are due at 11:59pm, not actually exactly midnight.

Graded Quiz 1 (Gases) due by almost midnight Wednesday 15 Jan

Graded Quiz 2(Gases & Atmosphere) due by almost midnight Wednesday 29 Jan

Graded Quiz 3(Thermochemistry) due by almost midnight Wednesday 19 Feb
Graded Quiz 4 (Liquids) due by almost midnight Wednesday 26 Feb
Graded Quiz 5 (Equilibrium) due by almost midnight Wednesday 5 Mar
Graded Quiz 6 (Thermodynamics) due by almost midnight Wednesday 19 Mar
Graded Quiz 7 (Kinetics) due by almost midnight Wednesday 2 Apr
Graded Quiz 8 (Water & Environment) due by almost midnight Saturday 5 April - classes are over

It is to your advantage to do the quizzes on a weekly basis rather than attempt them near the deadline.

It may be necessary to adjust these deadlines. Watch the Quiz page of the course web site and the Mastering Chemistry web site for Chem 102.


Department of Chemistry, University of Victoria. Updated 28 December 2013