Hill House Anti-violence Quilt

Hill House

Victoria, BC, Canada

The Hill House anti-violence quilt is the second quilt project undertaken by the women in our programs during The Prevention of Violence Against Women Week (the third week of April).  The first quilt was made about 6 years ago by women in both Hill House and the Dovetail Programs.  Two years ago, we wanted to do the project again as it had been such a success and produced such a fabulous result.  We had the programs each make their own this time and you have seen the results of the Hill House quilt.  The squares were done by women in the house over the period of several weeks and then quilted together by one of our staff, Beata Drohomirecki. The squares were pre-cut and put out with a variety of fabric paints, glitter, etc., for the women to create whatever message they wanted for the anti-violence quilt.  The Hill House squares really capture the rawness of the experience of women's violence.  The quilt is displayed at Hill House as inspiration for everyone who passes it.