Mosaic the City


Shylene Schlackl
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Mosaic the City is a spirit, an initiative and an organization that fosters the creation of neighbourhood "community unity" mosaic art projects. Each project brings people together to learn about each other while sharing in the creation of unique mosaic art pieces. Each project is community inspired, community designed and community built by the people who live, work, learn or shop in a neighbourhood.

Mosaic the City is an initiative that grew from the inspiration of the mosaicist Shylene Schlackl. During the spring and summer of 2003, Shylene was joined by a group of community organisers and citizens to create the Mosaic the City organization based in Victoria, British Columbia. Since then two projects have been completed: Mosaic the Market 2003 and Central Middle School's Community Unity Project 2004.

The to date uncompleted mosaic in this exhibit is a combination of efforts made by all the leaders of past MtC projects. Each of the first five projects will add their creative flair to this piece and it will then become the official MtC Mosaic for the Victoria chapter of the initiative.

For more information: or 250-388-5260