Cultural Leadership and Social Transformation through the Arts

Since 2007, I (Darlene Clover) have been teaching a course with the above title. This course is contextualized in discourses of citizenship, transformation, activism, social justice and change. It asks what types of leadership and adult education and learning are needed to develop in people a sense of power, agency, social responsibility, artistic skills, and aesthetic consciousness and knowledge and abilities to take action for a more socially, ecologically and politically just and equitable workplace, community, society and world?

This course explores cross-woven threads of theory and practice within the discourses of community leadership, social movement learning and activism, adult education and learning, feminist pedagogy, and community development in terms of how they articulate, trouble, and aim to make change happen. In today's disruptive climate of economic rationalization, competition and individualization, globalization, cultural homogenization, education and health funding cutbacks and/or threats of privatization, un and underemployment, resource depletion and environmental degradation, and fear of "the other", it is important to explore contemporary linkages between community leadership ? how people in communities (however defined) are encouraged and guided to take responsibility, action and make change - and adult education ? how people are educated and/or learn to take responsibility, action and make change ? and their efforts (and challenges) to build, empower, emancipate, create, innovate, and/or rejuvenate a strong citizenry working towards a more healthy, just and sustainable world.