Peace Quilts

Positive Energy Quilters
Gabriola Island and Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

In early 2003, the Positive Energy Quilters of Gabriola Island and Nanaimo asked people in their communities to create quilts squares, in reaction to US plans for war in Iraq. Both children and adults responded, and three quilts were made. Messages from the individual quilters are sewn on the backs of their squares. 

One of the participants commented, "I am so inspired by the peace quilt project. As an artist I love the wide ranging freedom of individual expressions coming together and merging with other thoughtful voices to make something meaningful, and going on-record with our collective message as creative, gentle, life-affirming activists: saying no to an unjust war."

Four pre-schoolers painted squares after talking in a play group about how peace was like everyone being friends and getting along together. A dozen grade-school children collaborated in making seven crayoned squares expressing their hopes for a better world.

The quilts have been taken to peace rallies, to protests against the U.S. Naval Installation at Nanoose, and to community events.  The quilts were also displayed at the Peace Quilt Exhibit of the Waterloo County Quilt Festival in Ontario.