Templates for Activism project was initiated in the Spring of 1999 by visual artist, c.j. fleury and legal scholar, Elizabeth Sheehy.  The project was rooted in the artist's desire to unite her public and community art experience with activist interests and the legal scholar's belief in the importance of art as a powerful vehicle of communication. Both women are deeply intrigued by art as a language with which to explore and reflect the work of feminist law and they hold the collaborative process in high esteem.  They both contribute to the direction of the larger project and the individual templates on rape. The building and circulation of each template generate fresh flows of artistic and political literacy between - and beyond- different sets of concerned social 'actors'.  Thus Templates casts a co-cr eative light on the true relationship between law and women's lives while re-presenting this relationship through non-conventional cultural means.

Templates of Activism, based in the National Capital Region of Canada, was designed to set patterns of dialogue, precedent and continuance for such partnerships in other centres.  To date the work has been presented in lectures at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, and at the SOLON conference, Museum of Law, Nottinham Trent University, UK, and in legal and art publications, such as n.paradoxa, Rethinking Revolution issue, Vol 10, July, 2002.

Through their web site, c.j. fleury and Elizabeth Sheehy share knowledge, strategies, finished works and the evaluation of local models.  They provide information for artists, women's or legal groups, looking to work in a corresponding manner or to develop their own templates for activism. Sites for development and presentation of future templates are as varied as the arts and law workers that come together to envision and produce them. Examples are: interior and exterior venues, conferences, any of the print or virtual media, actions, marches, sides of buildings, high-schools, public washrooms, etc.

Contact: C.J. Fleury and Elizabeth Sheehy