Reading #4

Volatile Isoprenoids and Signaling



Here is a neat yet easy Nature paper that relates to volatile signals by isoprenoids by Rasmann et al. (2005)  Nature 434: 732. "Recruitment of entomopathogenic nematodes by insect damaged maize roots". Please answer the following questions briefly. We will discuss this at on Thurs, Nov 9th.



1.  Summarize the key findings of the paper






2. Can the authors exclude a direct effect of beta-caryophyllene on D. virifera survival? How can they show this?






3. What does this study suggest about the effects of domestication on adaptations of crop plants?






4. This study is similar to the work on signalling to parasitic wasps (lepidopteran parasitoids) as discussed in class. What are basic simple differences to the previously discussed work on wasps, i.e. in terms of signal profile?