Chinese Students and Scholars Association
at University of Victoria, BC, Canada


Maillist: CSSAVC-L


Technical Instructions for CSSAVC-L


    Compose an email To LISTSERV@UVVM.UVIC.CA, put anything in Subject, which in unimportant, in MAILBODY or message field, put "SUB CSSAVC-L Your Name". It may takes a few seconds for the server to respond your request.
    Send  "UNSUB CSSAVC-L" in MAILBODY not Subject to LISTSERV@UVVM.UVIC.CA from  the account you want to sign off. Don't send the request to the list.
    Use the combination of the above.
    Send it to CSSAVC-L@UVVM.UVIC.CA  CSSAVC-L Regulations apply.
    - MAIL versus NOMAIL -- if you're going away for a short time, you can choose to _NOT_ receive any messages from the list (soccer & video-rental) while you are away.
    - MIME versus NOMIME -- that "language from outer-space" is actually "MIME-encoded" text, which facilities the sending of E-mail containing "binary" files (and Chinese encodings).
    - FULLHDR versus SHORTHDR -- LISTSERV can remove many of the 'Received:' lines, so that the size of the E-mail is smaller.

    If your computer has "MIME-decoding" capabilities, you can change your subscription-options:
    1. Send E-mail to 'LISTSERV@UVVM.UVIC.CA'.
    2. Put something into the 'Subject:' line -- LISTSERV will ignore it.
    3. Put the command: SET CSSAVC-L FULLHDR MIME into the "body" of the E-mail.
    4. Try to *NOT* automatically include a "signature" file.
    5. Send the E-mail. LISTSERV should respond, within 60 seconds, to say that your subscription- options have been updated. Then, the next MIME-encoded message(s) you receive will automatically be decoded, by your E-mail program.
  • More Problem?
    Please send the request to the managers of the list: Mr. Ruonan Zhang, he will be very kind to help you.






  • CSSAVC-L is  a mailing  listcreated  in 1989 for  the Chinese  Student & Scholar Association of  Victoria with the help of Mr.  Melvin Klassen, an employee of  Computing and Systems Services.  The purpose of the  list is for free discussion and information  sharing amongst the Chinese students and  scholars community.  The  list  now has  about  400 subscribers.  To enhance the effectiveness  of the information sharing and  to promote the usefulness of the discussion on topics  that are truly interesting to the majority of the netters, the following regulations are enforced:
  • No commercial  advertising  is allowed  on  CSSAVC-L.  A  commercial advertisement is  a message that  is intended to promote  the business interest of any profit-making service and/or commodity providers.
  • Following messages  should be  prohibited from  the net:  sign on/off requests,  private communications,  testing  and  other messages  that might  be  considered as  inappropriate  for  public posting.  Netters should also  be very careful  with "reply" command. Depending  on your mail software, a simple reply might get posted to the list. 
  • If you have any technical  difficulties or questions, you should first refer to the  "Technical Help for CSSAVC-L" below. If  you don't think the help solves your problems, contact the list managers list below.
  • It  is  our  hope  that  CSSAVC-L  be kept  as  an  open  discussion  and information  sharing  net. However,  your  cooperation  to abide  by  the regulations  is essential  to make  the  net a  successful one.  CSSAVC-L managers  will  watch closely  the  operation  of  the CSSAVC-L  net.  If repeated policy violation occurs after  the regulation is posted, we will have no choice but to deny your access to the CSSAVC-L list.




Created 12/06/98 


Lasted Modified 2/20/2007