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Taylor Marie Young

Bridget Henley
Logistics Director

Alexandra D’Arcy
Faculty Supervisor

Chris Coey
Technical Consultant
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Programme / Horaire

 All sessions will take place in room 110 of the Harry Hickman building (HHB 110).

Toutes les séances auront lieu au bâtiment Harry Hickman 110 (HHB 110).


Saturday May 14 2011

 9.00-9.30         Registration


9.30-9.45         Introduction and Welcome


Invited Keynote Presentation


9.45-10.30       The forest or the trees? Lexical and individual-speaker effects in linguistic variation

James A. Walker (York University)


10.30-10.45     Coffee


Session 1: Voicing the Local

Chair                Taylor Marie Young


10.45-11.15     Putting the ‘new’ in Newfoundland: Local features as a reflection of local status

Gerard Van Herk (Memorial University of Newfoundland) & Rebecca Childs (Coastal Carolina University)


11.15-11.45     Attending to salience: Channel cues, attention to speech, and identity in Newfoundland

                        Tyler Kendall (University of Oregon) & Danit Trau (University of Oregon)


11.45-12.15     Tour of the Department of Linguistics and the UVic Linguistics Labs:

                        Speech Research Lab, Phonetics Lab, Sociolinguistics Research Lab


12.15-1.45       Lunch


Session 2: Big City Acoustics

Chair                Tyler Kendall


1.45-2.15         Children, Canadian Raising and new directions for an old variable

                        Emily Sadlier-Brown (no affiliation)


2.15-2.45         Montreal and the eastern edge of Canadian English

                        Charles Boberg (McGill University)


2.45-3.15         What we heard and what we Hertz: An acoustic analysis of Boston r-dropping

                        Naomi Nagy (University of Toronto) & Patricia Irwin (New York University)


3.15-3.30         Coffee


Session 3: Discourse on Discourse

Chair                Gerard Van Herk


3.30-4.00         He said, she said: A variationist approach to interruption

                        Evan Hazenberg (Memorial University of Newfoundland)


4.00-4.30         It’s right bomb: Adjective intensification in Nain

                        Jennifer Thorburn (Memorial University of Newfoundland)


4.30-5.00         The devil is in the detail: Comparing the quotative system of Canadian French and English

                        Karine Groulx (University of Ottawa) Stephen Levey (University of Ottawa)


6.45-8.00         Conference Reception at The Mint



Sunday May 15 2011


Session 4: Social Studies

Chair                James Walker


9.30-10.00       Shifting theories: The Canadian Shift as general centralization in two Atlantic Canadian communities

                        Matt Hunt Gardner (University of Toronto) & Rebecca Childs (Coastal Carolina University)


10.00-10.30     Grey’s Matters? Intensification and abstract community definition

                        Bridget Henley (University of Victoria)


10.30-11.00     Coffee


Session 5: Past Talking

Chair                Naomi Nagy


11.00-11.30     Variation in the past tense of aller and être in Ontarian French

                        Olivia Sammons (University of Alberta)


11.30-12.00     Low salience variation, frequency, and dialect difference: Habitual past marking in Newfoundland and West Virginia

                        Gerard Van Herk (Memorial University of Newfoundland) & Kirk Hazen (West Virginia University)


12.00-1.00       Catered Lunch


Session 6: The Something’s Going On Session

Chair                Alexandra D’Arcy


1.00-1.30         Looks like there’s something interesting going on here

                        Marisa Brook (University of Toronto)


1.30-2.00         The revival of something great: Sociolinguistics at UVic

                        Alexandra D’Arcy (University of Victoria)