We value partnerships, both inside and outside academia, because of the constructive intersections that can happen among diverse experiences, knowledge systems, and management opportunities. Our work is often informed and enriched by the perspectives and priorities of many collaborators; from the development of hypotheses to the dissemination of research findings. Just as our work benefits from collaboration, our aim is that our scholarship can be useful in the work of our partners.

We are especially excited when collaboration can inform conservation initiatives or policies. This often occurs with non-government organizations, such as the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, or in partnerships with the programs of Indigenous Nations stewardship departments. Where possible, we believe it is our privilege and responsibility as scholars to contribute capacity for Indigenous leadership in stewardship, management, and conservation. In return we are privileged when our Indigenous partners teach us, increasing our capacity as applied scientists working with communities.

We are grateful to have relationships with the following groups:

Organizations and Departments

Central Coast Bear Working Group

Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network

Gitgaat Nation Stewardship

Hakai Institute (Tula Foundation)

Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department (HIRMD)

Kitasoo/Xai’xais Resource Stewardship

Nuxalk Nation Stewardship

Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Spirit Bear Research Foundation

Wuikinuxv Nation Stewardship


Adrian Treves  University of Wisconsin, Madison

Brian Starzomski. University of Victoria

Bridgett VonHoldt Canine Ancestry Project – Princeton University

Chris Wilmers. University of California, Santa Cruz

Guillaume Chapron – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

John Reynolds. Simon Fraser University

Morgan Hocking. Ecofish

Nancy Turner. University of Victoria

Taal Levi. Oregon State University

Thomas Reimchen. University of Victoria

Trisalyn Nelson. University of Arizona

Stephanie Carlson. University of California, Berkeley

William Housty, Jessie Housty, and Larry Jorgenson. QQS Projects Society