Alena Ebeling-Schuld

Alena Bio Photo 1In 2016, Alena joined the ACS Lab as an undergraduate student working on her Honours thesis, under the supervision of Dr. Chris Darimont. Her research was mainly qualitative, and involved assessing the motivations of both meat and trophy hunters in North America by examining online hunting discussion forums and related websites. Broadly, this work related to her interests in the connections between ecosystems and their components, including humans.

A passion for nature and wildlife are dominant themes in her everyday life, and she strives to find unique perspectives and solutions to current conservation issues. Creativity is a large part of her life, and she is constantly trying to combine her loves for photography, conservation and travel. Alena is also a proud volunteer at Rocky Point Bird Observatory.

Alena also shares her passion for wildlife with science communication and visual conservation storytelling through photography  and conservation illustration.

Ebeling-Schuld, A.M. and C.T. Darimont. 2017. Online hunting forums identify achievement as prominent among multiple satisfactions. Wildlife Society Bulletin 41, 523-529. Open Access.