Caroline Fox

CarolineCaroline is a Postdoctoral Fellow with Raincoast Conservation Foundation and the ACS Lab at the University of Victoria. Working closely with Dr. Paul Paquet, her research relates to the quantification of at-sea marine bird species distributions and abundances, species-habitat relationships, predictive marine bird modelling and the development of spatial risk assessments for marine birds and industrial activity. Given the litany of industrial proposals slated for the British Columbian coast, one aim of Caroline’s research is to provide timely scientific contributions to decision-making processes that commonly suffer from a lack of information.

Her research interests, although varied taxonomically, all fall within the related fields of marine ecology and conservation. Her PhD, supervised by Dr. Tom Reimchen (UVic) with mentorship from Dr. Paul Paquet, focused on the complex ecological interactions between spawning Pacific herring, salmon and marine, intertidal and terrestrial ecosystems. Previously, she completed MSc research relating to kelp forest ecology and the consequences of climate change upon kelp species and associated foodwebs.

Currently, her research focuses on the ecology of marine wildlife in coastal ecosystems, including species at risk. As a Killam Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Oceanography at Dalhousie University, Caroline undertakes collaborative research on baleen whales. She also works with Raincoast Conservation Foundation to study the ecology and conservation of marine birds on Canada’s Pacific coast.

Caroline also teaches marine ecology and conservation courses (Marine Population Ecology and Dynamics and Coastal Biodiversity and Conservation) at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, mentors students and provides outreach and communications for Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Collaboration for shared conservation goals is also a priority, and to this end, Caroline collaborates with a number of government scientists, academics, NGOs and individuals. Caroline acknowledges Raincoast Conservation Foundation and NSERC for providing support.

t: @CarolineHFox