Erin Foster

UntitledI am a Research Associate at the Hakai Institute where I co-lead the Changing Seascapes Program, and I am a PhD student with the Applied Conservation Science Lab at UVic. I am interested in apex predators, and how their foraging behaviour influences population and community ecology. My PhD work is focused on sea otter foraging behaviour and range expansion on BC’s Central Coast. Working with researchers from Hakai Changing Seascapes and 100 Islands Programs, I am investigating the effects of sea otter predation on nearshore ecosystems, and the potential of these effects to influence terrestrial communities via marine subsidies.

I am thankful for support from the Tula Foundation, the Hakai Institute, and the University of Victoria, and for collaborations with the Heiltsuk Integrated Resources Management Department, Vancouver Island University, the Vancouver Aquarium, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.