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TC sequencing articles

Victoria's very own Times Colonist had two articles today about DNA sequencing (article 1, article 2). Both of them relate to "personalized medicine". The concept of personalized medicine is that a patient would have all or part of their genome sequenced. Using this information, it would then be possible to tailor treatments so they are more specific and effective for the patient. This not only leads to greater chances of successfully managing illness, but it also avoids the expense of undergoing treatments that will not be effective. The two sequencing techniques described in the second article, concerning the $1000 genome, are Illumina and Ion Torrent (Life Technologies).

1 thought on “TC sequencing articles

  1. Vincent

    Another approach to personalized medicine in the context of cancer is the possible use of "tumour vaccinations", where mutated peptides, as identified by comparison of the whole genome sequencing of the tumour against normal tissue, in tumors can be used to elicit an immune response from the patient against their own tumor. This is a recent paper showing its efficacy in a mouse model using the B16 melanoma line:

    Shameless advertising: Dr. Brad Nelson's group is working on a similar project at the Deeley Research Centre here in Victoria.

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