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Day 1

So, the adventure starts with a walk along the Cambridge Busway to the MRC-LMB. The idea behind the busway is that there are two dedicated bus lanes, separated by a 15 cm or so curb from a cycling/walking path.  The trick is that the buses move at about 100 km/hr. It is a bit unnerving the first time one passes you. This video gives you an idea about how it works.

The LMB is in an amazing new building with a huge atrium and labs running along the sides. From a history point of view, there are loads of interesting artifacts from some of the famous labs and experiments spread throughout. Here is a timeline of some of the important discoveries from the LMB and here is a catalog of some of the historical scientific models on display. It is hard to imagine modelling a structure without computer software, but the amount of detail is remarkable. The photo here is one of Kendrew's models of myoglobin, the first protein structure solved.

I have also been upgraded from "Visitor" to "Temporary" on my first day. This seems like significant progress! I will tell you about lab life in a subsequent post.