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In the lab.

The Passmore lab's focus is structural biology. They utilise a large number of techniques, including cryo-EM, which is an excellent tool for analysing the structure of large complexes. This video features Drs. Passmore, Scheres and Henderson (2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner) from the LMB explaining the technique. There are several projects running in the lab. These projects all revolve around multi subunit complexes. The main focus is on proteins that bind to the poly-A tail of eukaryotic mRNA and a complex involved in DNA repair that is linked to Fancomi anaemia. Yesterday was a big purification day. It was great to get back on the bench after a multi-year hiatus. It is all slowly coming back to me. I even managed to load a gel without injuring myself or any others. The UV trace above shows that the purification worked well.

On a more personal note, my badge has gone from temporary to just a normal pass. On the down side, I look like some sort of deranged criminal in the photo.

Also, this computer is set to proper UK English, so all of my "z's" are being changed to "s" in words like analyse and utilise.